Hart Fisher’s American Horrors Partners with Marketing Macabre 


American Horrors is excited to announce its partnership with Marketing Macabre, and their plans to launch a huge campaign in 2018. Hart Fisher has a vision for American Horrors to be the future Disneyland of Horror. He already has a bloody popular FREE 24/7 linear streaming horror Roku Channel! There is an AH blueprint that is ready to be unfolded and uncover the many levels of horror that are waiting for genre fans everywhere.

Marketing Macabre was created by Michael Joy (Horrornews.net and Artsploitation Films) with a goal to help the independent filmmaker and support the horror genre in large. In the next couple of months, Marketing Macabre will be breaking news like gangbusters on American Horrors expansion and it’s going to be groovy.

“When I went looking for a Public Relations firm to handle American Horrors PR, I was immediately impressed with Michael Joy’s resume & history in the horror genre, but it was when I had my first serious phone conversation with Michael, that I knew I’d found the right killer for the job.” said Hart Fisher, Owner, American Horrors.

“Hart Fisher might be more controversial than the lost O.J. Simpson confession, but I really like the guy and his extreme passion for the horror genre. He is building something enormous that will make the entire industry take notice, and that’s an awesome thing. He is truly dedicated to the pursuit of Truth, Justice, and American Horrors.”, said Michael Joy, Owner, Marketing Macabre.

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About American Horrors
The original American Horrors channel was founded & launched by the husband & wife team of Hart & Waka Fisher going live October 2nd 2011 at the personal invitation of crazy like a fox billionaire, Alki David & his Filmon empire, as a 24/7 linear streaming horror channel with themed days of programming Satanic Sunday, MondoVision Monday, Twisted Tuesdays, Wicked Wednsdays & Freaky Fridays.

American Horrors has original programming exclusives like paranormal investigations show, Mission Terror, the best horror movie review show, Fright Asylum with Woody Meckes, crazy trailer show Angela’s Trailer Park, the original American Horrors tv show, the original True Crimes tv show and our very own party vampire, Count Crazy Craig! You can also see original short horror films and crazy never released to DVD horror features and insane uncut horror music videos by horror music icons Danzig, Doomed & Disgusting, Obituary, Society 1, St. Madness, Slayer and More!!!!

Plus all the banned commercials, grindhouse horror movie trailers you’ve come to know & love from the American Horrors Channels! All free to watch, all night, all day, all horror!

About Marketing Macabre

Marketing Macabre is a wickedly devilish public relations / marketing / social media company subservient to horror professionals like yourself. Our undying devotion is to assist horror entities in promoting their diabolical creations well beyond the grave… So if you have anything to do with horror, be it a production company, director, producer, actor, writer, podcast-er, singer, etc…, we will craft a campaign “witch” will spellbind you and your evil dominion.

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