Something is listening to the prayers of St. Paul’s United Church, but it’s not the god they asked for; it’s something much, much older…

A quiet Sunday service turns into a living hell when this ancient entity descends upon the house of worship and claims the congregation for its own. The terrified churchgoers must now prove their loyalty to their new god by giving it one of their children or in two days time it will return and destroy them all.

As fear rips the congregation apart, it becomes clear that if they’re to survive this untold horror, the faithful must become the faithless and enter into a battle against God itself. But as time runs out, they discover that true monsters come not from heaven or hell… …they come from within.

“A dark foray into the effects of claustrophobic hive-mind style horror. I enjoyed this one! It was the perfect amount of evil for me”

“Just how dark is Worship Me by Craig Stewart? Well, it’s about as dark as a dead monster’s soul, rotting for eons, trapped inside a black coffin, so deep beneath the Earth that the light of day may as well be a myth. It is so dark, it’s brilliant, challenging just about every assumption you have about the genre.”

“An excellent example of it’s genre, giving the reader far more than just a basic gore fest. It shows us & exposes us to darkness on so many levels. Really well done and I’ll look forward to more from this author.”

“The writing is excellent and I hate to do this because everyone compares horror writers to him, but Stewart’s storytelling in Worship Me reminds me of early Stephen King.”

Worship Me is a story of terror and demonic conversion. A foreboding atmosphere greets the reader from the opening paragraph and by the second chapter, when Clara and her minivan collide with a cat, the reader is hooked. Stewart displays the twin talents of superb story telling and excellent pacing, along with satisfyingly rich and evocative descriptions.”

“I know that comparisons are odious, however for readers who want something to compare this book to, think some of the really good Stephen King books and you’ll be right on target! “Worship Me” is going to knock your socks off your feet and into another room! You’ll find yourself feeling very invested in the characters… This book moves very fast and takes the reader for a ride through terror and reality, which is what really good horror writing does. Nothing is flat, every scene and every character is 3-D… The compound ending to the story is amazing and you won’t see it coming. Brilliant! As someone who reads over a hundred books a year, I heartily recommend you buy “Worship Me” today!”

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About author Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart is a Canadian author and filmmaker who learned how to count from the rhyme, “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.” He’s a creator and connoisseur of everything horror; never afraid to delve into the dark. His written works include short stories, film scripts, articles, as well as his first horror novel, Worship Me, recently published by Hellbound Books. He has also written and directed several short horror films that have enjoyed screenings across North America.

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