“This is a really good action packed read. Monsters and mayhem, gangsters and guns and gore a plenty. Great if you need a break from all that subtle horror.”

“Good stories, well written. Definitely worth buying.”

“Superb mix of stories and everyone is different. Fantastic read and highly recommended.”

“Awesome book of tales, this guy is a very talented writer, cannot wait for his next book”

“Couldn’t put it down an amazing read, made me scared to turn out the lights.”

Those are just a few of the amazing reviews for…

Born a hideous, twisted wreck, Barney was willing to do anything for love and adoration.

His facial abnormalities were too extreme for surgery to fix and his pride forbade him from paying for the company of women. With nothing left to lose, he decided to forfeit his soul in a deal with the devil for all the love, fear and respect in the world.

There’s just one small problem…

Barney doesn’t have all the facts in check. “The Devil” as we know him doesn’t exist and what Barney has summoned is something much older and much darker than anything he could have ever imagined. His wish is the final key that will unlocked the gates holding back a force that will decimate mankind.

This collection blends the “Weird Fiction” genre with the all out shotgun-blast of gore that only a “SplatterPunk” book can deliver. Consider this a fair warning!

Don’t let that warning stop you… get your copy today at:

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And then check out…


So what’s next?

In the American mid-west there’s a valley nestled between two dark, unscalable mountains. It has no official name, but the locals call it the “Death Head” on account of how it looks on the map… That, and the slew of “accidents” and disappearances that have plagued the valley since the disaster at the old quarry all those years ago.

There’s something in the woods there. Something that demands blood and will stop at nothing to get it.

So when Annie and her friends unknowingly picked “The Death Head” for their camping trip, all they saw was the valley’s natural beauty. And now, unaware of its terrible history, they find themselves victims of the unstoppable force that resides there and will be picked off one by one and slaughtered like cattle.

DEATH HEAD VALLEY is unabashedly written to feel like a novelization of an Eighties-esque slasher movie that was never made. The kills come thick and fast and will leave you reeling. This is extreme horror and not for the faint hearted.


“Absolutely loved this book! Blood and guts galore! Really easy to read due to the authors writing style and such a good story line, really want to know more about connor! Loved it! 10/10”

“Fantastic read for slasher and horror fans, plenty of gruesome kills and a great story. This is a brilliant homage to 80’s horror movies and played out brilliantly.”

“Couldn’t put this book down from start to finish full of action and plenty of blood and guts horror. Loved it looking forward to the next one”

Get your copy today at:

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About author David Charlesworth

Dave Charlesworth is a horror author from Liverpool, England. His works falls primarily in the “Splatterpunk” and “Extreme” genres though his upcoming books will be creeping into “Bizarro” territory too. His influences range from Clive Barker to F. Paul Wilson to the Drunken Bakers. He’ll probably buy you a pint if you see him out and about.

For more about David and his books, please follow him on Twitter, and “Like” his Facebook page!

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