You Can’t Always Turn Back Reality!… 


Sasha, Henry’s sister is in search of him. With seeing the video of her brother beating a girl senseless, she is out to prove the video is fake. She believes that the footage, that she received from an unknown source, holds clues to the whereabouts of her brother. She enlists the help of her friend and also her audience who’s she is streaming LIVE online, to see if in fact there are any hidden clues within the videos. With each link she plays, the creepier the videos get. Will she find the answers to the whereabouts of her brother, or will the videos send her straight down into a long deep hole of paranoia?

One of the segments in “Jack Hunter’s Paranoia Tapes 3: REWIND” anthology will be…

Sebastian, a fan of the dark and paranormal stumbles upon a viral challenge called “Draw with me in hell”, he decides to document himself and his friend Kathia trying to prove that the challenge is a hoax. Sebastian will realize that whether it is faked or not, many things can go wrong when you play with black magic.

“Draw with Me in Hell” is directed, written and produced by Jackie Rae. It will be approximately 10 minutes long with the original audio in Spanish with English subtitles.

The short film will be a part of the anthology movie, but it will also be on a festival circuit individually. They’re looking for horror shops to become a part of this project by being sponsors. 

Sponsors will receive:

-Credited on the film and short film

-Your products will be promoted on the franchise’s production company’s page (Southern Sykos Productions)

-Receive a copy of the DVD

Southern Sykos Productions already has their first movie available for renting on Amazon Prime and available for purchasing on Amazon. Paranoia Tapes 3: REWIND will also be available for renting followed by a DVD and Blu-Ray release. This is the perfect opportunity for indie horror shops to be promoted. This will affect both the sponsors and movie in positive ways.

Any interested shops can email Jackie at jackieraemoguel@outlook.com

You can also find Jackie on Instagram!

More about the Paranoia Tapes:

The Paranoia Tapes continue heading towards being a part of the Guinness Book Of World Records as the longest running found footage film franchise that has continuity throughout the whole franchise dating back to the original film…

From the creators of After the Dawn, L.A. Maniac, Play Hooky, and Dirty B.O. , Comes a found footage movie that will surely put you on the edge of your seats. With the inspiration of true stories, Jack Hunter’s PARANOIA TAPES will send a chill down the bottom of your spine.

In this sequel to Jack Hunter’s PARANOIA TAPES, we join Chase to find the missing pieces of what went wrong in the events of the first film. Chase, who is another personality of Henry’s, decides to look at other Tapes that we’re hidden within Henry’s house. He desperately searches for answers and clues to find out who he is and if in fact, Chase is the real personality and that Henry was the psychotic one. With each tape that is played, we realize there is a bigger picture than what we realized. Featuring segments from all over the world including Belgium and Japan while also showing segments from several YouTubers who wanted to make their name in the independent found footage community. Each short was written and based on actual events. Some of the shorts shown are in fact, the real deal with no special effects or altered footage. This movie will make you forget about the first one and will make you want more from Jack Hunter and the team at Southern Sykos Productions.

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