Ready for some sci-fi horror…

Hello, Human.

Welcome to our beautiful city. Your journey begins here.
You entered the city of high technology, techno-magic and powerful corporations.

The city is spread widely.
From a cozy quarter on one side to a mysterious wasteland on the other.
This city is full of people who are swarming in it’s huge body.
Large ripe acorns. The Lord loves acorns.
They are long dead, and larvae of oblivion yell in the bodies of they.
They are all dead. The Tower of the Hotel was an exclamation mark in this story.

But it’s only the beginning for you.
Let me introduce you to Melanie.
Let me introduce you the main heroine of today’s performance.
This is Melanie, and she is glad to welcome you.

Melanie is the best elite courier in this City. She will deliver anything and anywhere. Even snow at the summer, if you wanna.
Let me introduce you the Tower too. It’s the very VIP Hotel for the most special people.

Melanie will be your personal guide to their hearts and souls.
You will go with our special girl to the depths of the Hotel, and reach the very top.
She will earn a long-awaited bonus and go to best beaches of this world.
You will take the first step.

Welcome to the Neon Necropolis.

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About author Vincent O’ Thorn

The name’s Vincent. Don’t forget it Ok? I’m seemingly-writer from the world of random numbers. I love celluloid, zombie marches and fake blood. Hellcome to the city tour.

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