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Welcome to Cabin Green, where the setting is familiar, but the story is completely unexpected. This original, terrifying psychological thriller is the debut horror novel from the author of the 5-star rated Midnight Myths and Fairy Tales Series.

Going to Cabin Green alone after the death of his fiancée was Ben’s first mistake. His second mistake was tempting fate by saying, “There’s no such thing as an evil building.” Now he’s caught in a nightmare of his own making deep in the woods of Northern Michigan. Even worse, a family history of mental illness makes it impossible for him to know if the ghosts haunting the cabin are real or all in his head.

This modern Gothic horror story takes the reader directly into Ben’s hellish experience. Is he crazy? Is a ghost haunting him? The only way to find out is to make it to the end of this deep, dark thrill ride that’s filled with more twists than a roller coaster.

This novel was inspired by a real-life, spooky green cabin in Northern Michigan that’s so well-hidden it can’t be found by GPS!

Excerpt from The Haunting of Cabin Green: A Modern Gothic Horror Novel

…Unsure what the vast blanket of fog was hiding but certain he wanted to live, Ben’s limbs stopped moving.

This is crazy. I know I didn’t hit anything.

Another part of his mind refuted this logic.

Then why am I crawling in the middle of a highway?

As distasteful and terrifying as it was, he’d never be able to live with himself if he didn’t uncover the identity of the object – not a person – that had tripped him. Hesitation clawed at every fiber of his being, but he forced his way forward until his right hand brushed a raw, rough surface. He yanked his hand back like it was on fire before regaining control of his actions.

I can do this.

Ben reached out again, and his fingertips came into tentative contact with the alien object. The moisture in the air hadn’t seeped into its skin. His left fist covered his mouth to stop audible proof of his fear from escaping. At the same time, he increased the pressure of his right fingers in a bid to figure out what – or who – had gotten in his way. A crumbling sensation sent shock waves throughout his body. He managed to hold on long enough for a small sliver of something unknown to drop into his palm.

Unable to keep his composure any longer, he darted back to the car, careful not to drop the evidence. He slammed the door shut and jammed the locks in place before turning to face the source of his inevitable doom. With his eyes squeezed shut, he uncurled his fist and put the object on display. His left eyelid lifted a fraction of an inch to test the waters before he dove in and allowed both eyes to confront the truth…

“This book will challenge its readers, and that is a good thing. You will not guess where she is going when you read this book. You are taken on a nightmarish, uncomfortable journey and you soon realize you can’t count on the standard rules of storytelling. The author is brave enough to push the envelope and leave you not even guessing the end!”

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And then try something a little different in the form of…

This clever, dark reimagining of Vasilisa the Beautiful is ideal for fans of The Bear and the Nightingale, Wicked, and Maleficent.

A small village is filled with fear after Vasilisa reports seeing a witch in the nearby cursed woods. Neighbors turn on each other, the land turns bone dry, and bodies begin to pile up. Baba Yaga quickly becomes the primary suspect. Meanwhile, Vasilisa uses her beauty and charisma to bewitch the minds and hearts of every other villager. But is she truly a witch or is something else responsible for all of this mayhem?

Fairy tales depict Vasilisa as beautiful, brave, and fair. But what if terrible was a better description? Baba Yaga has been called everything from a murderous witch to an ambivalent guardian between the living and the dead. But what if she was simply an observant, skeptical elderly woman who was cast out of society for being different? Vasilisa the Terrible: A Baba Yaga Story encourages readers to look beyond the attractive surface to find the ugly evil hidden within.

“I am a big fan of the sci-fi/fantasy genre. This was my first introduction to the witchcraft sub-genre and it really whets your appetite for more. It’s a true-to-form dark fairy tale. The author takes you into world where a single sinister force can wreck havoc on community and sews seeds of evil in the best intentioned people. The best stuff gets saved for last and that got me hooked. I’m glad that I picked this one up and I am looking forward to the next one.”

“I enjoyed this dark fairy tale immensely. It’s a fast-paced, captivating tale and the writing is exquisite. I’ll definitely be looking for more work from this author. Highly recommended!”

“This is a very original telling of an old fairy tale. I enjoyed the author’s twist to the characters and the ending was completely surprising. Ms Taylor is an extremely talented writer and I look forward to reading more of her works”

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About author April A. Taylor

April A. Taylor is an American author and an award-winning Dark Art and Fine Art Photographer. Both books in her Midnight Myths and Fairy Tales series became a #1 best seller in Amazon’s Canada store during March 2018.

Like many writers, she started putting pen to paper during early childhood. Her first project was a family newspaper entitled The Taylor Family Times. Since then, she’s spent more than three decades honing her craft through a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction projects.

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