Father & Son Release Horror Anthology

“Like father, like son” is a common use of words. Though Portraits in Bloodlines is an uncommon book, it certainly proves the old saying.

Arizona authors Rycke Foreman and his son dDamian [proper spelling] are announcing the release their first book, Portraits in Bloodlines. It is a collection of twenty-three published and unpublished horror and modern fantasy short stories, each written by one or the other.

The tales within cover a broad range of topics, themes and tones. Some are brooding and dark while others are humorous and lighthearted. A few even manage to transcend their genre, rising into the realms of the inspirational or literary.

The authors chose the title because of its multilayered meaning. Three of the stories happen to contain the word “portrait,” and all are similar to snapshots, revealing just a handful of moments in their characters’ lives as well as in the authors’. The meaning behind “bloodlines” is more obvious, given Rycke and dDamian’s relationship and the book’s content.

Like its title, Portraits in Bloodlines is designed to work on different levels. An “average” reader should enjoy the variety of classic monsters, weird tales and offbeat humor. Those who like to read between the lines may discover whole new dimensions when comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between the authors’ styles, themes, subject matter and more.

“If anything,” the pair noted, “we hope this inspires other fathers and sons to keep teaming up, to keep chasing their dreams, and yet to support each other individually, too. The other thing we hope for is to make some money.”

Portraits in Bloodlines was released on April 20. It is available in print or as an ebook on Amazon, and may be available at certain local area retailers soon. [https://amzn.to/2F3snWI]

About Rycke and dDamian

Rycke Foreman, 46, began attempting fiction before he was ten, and made his first professional sale in 1994. He is best known as editor and co-publisher of 69 Flavors of Paranoia, a horror ‘zine that published off and on between 1996-2014. He is also an actor and filmmaker. His film GRIZZLED!, a spoof of the nature-run-amok genre, will be crowdfunding in June.

dDamian Foreman, 22, is an author, actor, and musician who’s garnered praise, scholarships, and awards for his artistic achievements. He released his first album, Don’t Try to Leave, on SoundCloud last year, and is in the final stages of polishing his novel The Circus, which will be available later this year.

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