A page-turning journey of dark fantasy…

Nicole Megara has returned to her home in Preston’s Station for the first time since high school. She has spent the last fifteen years behind bars for a crime that has haunted her dreams every night since. Determined to pick up the pieces and start her life anew, her hopes are soon threatened when she becomes the prime suspect in a grisly murder.

With a decorated, veteran police detective watching her every move, Nicole must fight to prove her innocence before she loses her newfound freedom due to the actions of the real killer—a being that locals have dubbed the ‘Vampire of Preston’s Station.’ In order to accomplish this, she must return to the occult practices that influenced her past crime and depend on the support of her best friend, an eccentric professor, a weary old psychic, and an unlikely ally whose taste for the macabre rivals even that of the enemy.

On Devil’s Wings” is a page-turning journey of dark fantasy that will find Nicole and her allies racing against time to not only clear her name, but save the lives of two innocents taken captive by the entity, whose true origins will shatter the foundations of her world, as well as our own.

“WOW! An awesome story that will leave your heart racing to see what plot twist will be uncovered in the next chapter! MJ’s ability to draw you into the world of gods and goddesses is delightfully eerie!”

“Love the local references of the book. This story captures you from the beginning and has you wanting more. Can’t wait for more of Nicole Megara”

“Love the book! So exciting”

“This was a great read! If you love dark fantasy novels you will love this! A great dark fantasy acult inspired murder mystery!”

“Captures your interest in the very first chapter! Could not hardly put this book down until finished. Surprises throughout the entire book. Hopefully there will be more like this one coming soon!”

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About author M.J. Meade

M.J. Meade is an author and mental health professional, born and raised in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of Eastern Kentucky. He still resides in the region with his family, spending his spare time reading, writing, and being a die-hard horror fanatic.

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