Remember! Belgian Psychological Horror MEMENTO MORI Comes to Cannes

MEMENTO MORI, which premiered at the Bruxelles International Fantastic Film Festival, will be introduced on the market of Cannes by the international sales agency EuroObscura.

Directed by Michael Vermaercke, MEMENTO MORI is a psychological thriller focusing on a teenage girl in a coma as she relives the events that led to her trauma. MEMENTO MORI is the first feature movie helmed by Vermaercke, a young filmmaker from Flanders who has directed various short movies, the latest of which, THE DISTURBER, won the first prize at the International Vampire Film Festival in Transylvania in 2016.

In the words of the director, “the film is about the fears and insecurities” of teenagers who are about to enter adulthood. Produced by Piet Sonck for the independent production company Gypsy Productions, the movie centers around the character of Fleur (lead actress Charlotte De Wulf), a teenager whose life seems perfect: beautiful, popular, rich. Yet she has a dark secret which is revealed during a pool party, where a violent incident happens that will end with her in a coma.

The title comes from the Latin sentence meaning “remember you will die”, a reference to the condition of teenagers who are enjoying a promiscuous and vital life while approaching the end of adolescence. The Cannes film market will start on the 8th of May. EuroObscura and Gypsy Productions will be present, with EuroObscura handling the international sales.

EuroObscura is proud to present at Cannes 2018
Remember To Die
Belgium – 2018 – 75 min. – Thriller / Horror

Memento Mori is a psychological horror thriller about a teenage girl who’s stuck in a coma, reliving key moments of a traumatic event. In the process of coping with her trauma, we discover piece by piece what has happened the night before at a pool party. Memento Mori is YOLO … gone terribly wrong.

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