Light the Pipe! EVIL BONG 777 Has Hit DVD and Blu-ray

Bring Evil Bong 777 home! Smoky Sequel Hits DVD and Blu-ray

If you’re hankering for a dose of supernatural spliff action laced with raunchy laughs and hot sex, be sure to keep your red-eyes peeled as our latest madcap movie Evil Bong 777 hitsBlu-ray and DVD this FRIED-day! Dudes…that’s TODAY!

Evil Bong 777 begins where Evil Bong 666 left off, with Eebee now out of “Sexy Hell” and heading to Las Vegas with danger on her tail. She’s joined by her whack pack of fabulous freaks – Faux Batty (Robin Sydney), Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis), Misty (Jessica Morris) and The Gingerweed Man (voiced by Full Moon’s Brooks Davis) – and together the troupe gets into all manner of smutty, skunky, surreal and sex-soaked misadventure, including an encounter with a pompadour-sporting porno puppet stud named “Hellvis”.

Can Vegas handle this gaggle of ganja-fied goons? Find out in Evil Bong 777!

Evil Bong 777 has been streaming on Full Moon’s Amazon channels, Hulu and Full Moon Streaming since 4/20 (April 20th) but now is your chance to take this fully loaded sequel home, in a feature packed TOTALLY UNCUT hard (and we mean hard) copy Blu-ray and DVD collector’s edition!
Go to Amazon or to purchase and get ready to prime your pipe with the most perverse Evil Bong movie EVER!

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