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Check out a few of these must have horror themed nails…

It 1990s and 2017s Inspired Nails

-Handmade item
-Craft type: Nail art
-Materials: acrylic paint, nail polish, press on nails

The Conjuring 2 Inspired Nails

-Handmade item
-Craft type: Nail art

Casper & Wendy Nails

-Handmade item
-Craft type: Nail art
-Materials: nail polish, acrylic paint, press on nails

Exorcist Nails

-Handmade item
-Craft type: Nail art
-Materials: acrylic paint, press on nails, nail polish

Nails Guts & Glam is brought to horror fans by Amber…

“My name is Amber and I am an aspiring nail technician and I love to draw and paint. I’m a big fan of horror as well that’s where the “Guts” in “Nails Guts & Glam” comes in. I create hand painted press- on nails. I specialize in character and horror themed nail art. In the near future I would like to expand on my skills and start creating makeup palettes and custom painted shoes and jackets. I hope you love my products as much as I love creating them.”

You can find all of her nails at:

And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, and “Like” her Facebook page!

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