Help make a movie that will have lasting cultural impact…

In 2015, Conspire Films brought horror fans their first feature film the social-issue horror-thriller Human Resources. The movie follows a woman who discovers the skyscraper she works in is haunted by victims of a corporation, and she sets out to stop them by any means necessary…

Human Resources toured film festivals all over the country, and won five awards, including Best First Time Director at Global Revolution FF, and Best Female Actor and Best Makeup FX at Something Wicked FF, among others.

Now they’re preparing to bring fans their next hit feature film…

In this horror-comedy with an ecological twist, a group of kids race to survive #trashpocalypse when all garbage comes to life and returns to meet its makers. Join the journey to realize this scary-fun movie that will make everyone regard their trashcans more cautiously.

Pitch In on Trash Night! from Conspire Films on Vimeo.

More about the film:

Consumerism depends on the “magical” disappearance of waste. We bury it, burn it, export it, and most of us never give it another thought. In Trash Night, the world’s waste rises up to save the planet from humans. This film uses humor and horror to remind audiences that our consumption has consequences. It’s a hilarious, handmade adventure that dramatizes how much damage we’ve done to the planet and how little time we have to change it…

The crew behind “Trash Night”:

Activist-filmmakers and brothers: Keil and Aaron Troisi

Writer: Gabe DiDomenico

Animator: Brett Hall

From the Filmmakers…

“We know that a movie alone can’t change the forces we’re up against. But in among all the organizing and resistance ought to be culture-making, especially socially-engaged entertainment that calls for action while delivering white-knuckled belly-laughs and ultimately joy. To quote Rebecca Solnit, “When you face politics that aspire to make you fearful, alienated, and isolated, joy is a fine act of insurrection.” Trash Night on its face seems fearful, but it ultimately digs under the skin to plant seeds of joy, which grow into hope, and then into change… if we all pitch in.”

Pitch in by supporting the film and change today at: 

There are plenty of awesome incentives available in return for your pledge to their campaign like…

-Links to watch the demo short & eventual film plus filmmakers will call your representative to advocate for an environmental issue

-A special thanks credit in the short and feature films and IMDB

-Your chance for bad product placement. They will feature in the demo film a harmful product or person of your choice

-Make a featured cameo as a victim of a trash monster in a scene to be used in both the demo short and feature film

-Get Executive Producer credit on both the demo film and feature film

Visit “Trash Night” on Seed and Spark to…

-Learn more about the film

-Read about the filmmakers’ background

-Find all of the available incentives

And don’t forget to follow the film on Twitter and Instagram, and “Like” its Facebook page!

Share their campaign with hashtags: #communalnightmares #trashnight #EcoHorror #SeedAndSpark

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