“Panther Ridge” – Watch this Short Film Today

A young woman, Vera, enters into an underground world of extreme BDSM films where she stars in her very first scene.

Starring: Chenara Imirith, Kerry Hempel, Clinton Bailiff, Jada Poon, and Seth Goodfellow

About the director Ryan Swantek

Ryan is a 25 year old writer/director who lives in Sarasota, Florida. His debut short film “White Willow” received world wide attention and praise from horror sites. Panther Ridge is his second short film which is inspired by the feature version of it.

Ryan got his start in the industry in 2016 and has worked on various sets with names such as Dylan McDermott, Justin Long, Niecy Nash, Azita Ghanizata, and Kevin Smith.


  • –  Panther Ridge started as a 30 page spec script in Ryan’s screenwriting class at the University of Toledo.
  • –  Many actresses went no contact after reading the script
  • –  The shoot was one weekend
  • –  The short is a mix of a few scenes from the feature version
  • –  Panther Ridge is the name of community the film was shot in
  • –  Ryan did all the set design and wardrobe
  • –  The rusty knife Kerry licks is real
  • –  The St. Andrews cross and BDSM frame were hand built

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pantherridgefilm/

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