“Invasion Ireland” Now Available on Amazon

Invasion Ireland is a science fiction comedy feature film. Presented in a live news format, the story begins in an Irish future where Martians are living with the Irish. Temperatures are boiling and the recession is at its worse. The world stops to watch live coverage of Zelog, a disgruntled Martian who is holding the occupants of a house in Finglas, North-side Dublin hostage. A live news crew are recording his every word and all sorts of ‘spin doctors’ and ‘know-it-all’s’ are in the studio using the possibilities of Armageddon as a platform to ‘plug’ their books and careers. In the future, everyone can hear you scream……On television!

Written and directed by Ciaron Davies and from Loose Gripp Films in Ireland, Invasion Ireland is a whacky apocalyptic science fiction that is both insanely funny and probes deeply into the dark recesses of our modern day dysfunctional society.

This weird and wonderful movie is streaming now on Amazon world wide

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