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What happens when a lesbian couple are the two remaining survivors, but there can only be one final girl?

Final Girls” is a short parody film on the final girl trope. It is inspired by the Friday the 13th films/game.

Originally performed as a short play at MadLab Theatre for the MadLab Sexy Pitches Ensemble 2018 show.

Starring: Cat McAlpine, Anna Leeper, and Shane Stefanchik

Directed by: Michelle Hanson

Written by: Michelle Hanson, Colleen Dunne, and Laura Spires

In a recent interview, Michelle Hanson talked about her idea for the film… 

“If a final girl was actually in a lesbian relationship and they were together at the end of the film, how would it play out? Would one of them have to die?” she asked. “It ended up being a sort of parody of Friday the 13th in its original sketch form and we had a great time playing on that trope.”

Find out how it ends right now!

Enjoy “Final Girls”…

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