The second winner in our SFX Horror Makeup Contest is Chelsea Dunham. Her love of horror helped led her into doing horror makeup. While it isn’t her job, she has plenty of fun creating some fabulous looks! We’ve included some of her work for you to enjoy, and don’t forget to please support her on social media…

“My name is Chelsea Dunham. I have always been interested in horror and find myself to be some what of an enthusiast. I started playing around with theatrical make up in high school/and after for Halloween costumes. It wasn’t until my early 20s that I discovered effects make up to be a creative outlet for me. When I thought about doing make up/skin care as a living, I got my esthetics license from a local cosmetology school in 2013. I now work full time at Wells Fargo and do make up as a side project and as a fun hobby!”

For more awesome pics and to support a fellow horror fan,

please find her at:

Instagram: chelssmichellee
Twitter: chelssMichellee / skream_kween
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chelsmichdunh

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