Again, part of the reason we ran the SFX Horror Makeup Contest was to spotlight young and upcoming talent. While not officially a SFX horror makeup artist yet, Mayhanna is taking the right steps to become one! Enjoy a few shots of her amazing work, and don’t forget to support her on social media below…

“My name is Mayhanna Haslam, I’m 16 years old and I’m just a regular high school student.”

“How I got started in SFX- I was 13 years old and there was a hunted house at my school that the drama class was putting on and I asked to be in it. I watched one YouTube video and I had fun doing it and everyone thought I was good at it so I have been doing it on the side for the past 2 years. This summer I go to the Vancouver art institute for a week class on SFX makeup which I’m so excited for.”

Click here to view an awesome up close video of a nice and bloody hand!

Thank you for taking a look at her awesome work! For more pics and to support her work, please don’t forget to follow her on Instagram!

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