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Nicolas lives in the midst of an epidemic where a deadly virus is transmitted through eye
contact. With a baby on the way, Nicolas fears he might infect his wife, Claire. He consults with his close friend Matt, who tests them both for the virus. The results are clean for Claire, but inconclusive for Nicolas. He becomes more and more fearful, not only for his own life, but for his wife and child as well. His fears grow as the uncertainty of his test results scare away his friends. Nicolas must decide whether he wants to live with the horri c virus, or ensure the safety of his family.

How far can we push our innate instinct?

“He who fears he shall suffer…

..already suffers what he fears.”

-Michel de Montaigne

Writer and Director: Grace Goen

Producers: Clement Lin and Edward Hyde

Director of Photography: Mia Camagong

Production Designer: Gerald Mir Creus

This short film bring into question how far we can be pushed from our innate instincts.
In this world no one can make eye contact without putting themselves and others in danger of catching a contagious virus that leads to death. Removing this impulsive human trait disconnects the individual from the society. This is the worst type of isolation, since each person is put into the position to constantly consciously chose to never look at someone again for the betterment of everyone. This is the type of solitude that wears down on you more and more as each day passes.

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