Welcome to Arlington Asylum, a place where the insane and the forgotten are brought to die…

Adrian James is running from his past with nothing left to live for. At rock bottom, with a blade to his wrist, a mysterious stranger intervenes and offers him a chance at salvation.

Adrian accepts, and he enters Arlington Asylum of his own free will. Once inside, however, he soon learns that he will never escape. And worse, there are strange experiments taking place here, and a secretive medicine is being administered, one that causes certain…changes…in the patients.

The insidious secrets within the halls of Arlington Asylum are slowly revealed, and it is beyond anything Adrian could have possibly imagined. A literal hell is unleashed as impossible and terrifying creatures indulge their sadistic desires.

Adrian and his friends must escape this nightmarish place and warn the outside world before it’s too late, but they must face down the demons of hell to do so.

Tormented is a gruesome and violent horror story, influenced by such greats as John Carpenter’s The Thing, Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, and Jeremy Gillespie’s The Void.

Do you dare enter the Asylum?

“This is the second book I have listened to from Lee Mountford. I find his stories fantastic with plenty of gore. The characters are well developed and the details are very descriptive. I was able to develop a picture in my mind of what was described, such as the “antagonist(s)”. I will leave it at that as to not give away what you are in store for. If you like imaginative horror (reminds me of Clive Barker)with plenty of gore, you will like this audiobook. I look forward to the next release from this author.”

“Just finished Tormented, and absolutely loved it. Hugely reminiscent of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser work, but with a visceral darkness that savagely echoes all the best and lingering horrors found in Lovecraft.”

“I was surprised at how the story unfolded. It’s definitely not what I expected. Lots of twists and turns. I recommend!!”

“One of the best horror novels I’ve read this year. The writing is incredible, and the descriptive passages are scarier than hell!”

“Well written, interesting story line, gory and suspeseful. Hard to put down. Lee Mountford is becoming one of my favourite authors.”

“After reading both Horror in the Woods & The Demonic, I was hooked on Lee’s work, and craving more. When he announced Tormented, I had high hopes, and can’t day he will easily surpassed them. Another brilliant book from a brilliant author!”

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Experience supernatural horror in the vein of The Conjuring, Insidious, and the legendary Ghostwatch. The Demonic will get under your skin, send chills down your spine, and have you sleeping with the lights on!

Danni Morgan thought she knew fear, but she is about to find out what it is to be truly afraid.

Years ago, a young girl ran away from her childhood home and vowed never to go back. It was a place of fear, pain, and misery at the hands of an abusive father.

But now, her father is dead, and she is forced to break that vow and return home – to lay his body to rest and face up to the ghosts of her past.

However, Danni is about to learn that some ghosts are more real than others.

Something beyond her understanding waits for her there, lurking in the shadows. An evil that intends to kill her family and claim her very soul.

“I am SPEECHLESS!!!!! This book grabs you and won’t let go. The best part is that it seems so real! It is truly one of the best horror books I have read. This family has no idea of the scares and pure terror that awaits them. And the ending….WOW…….you just have to read to find out!!!!”

“It’s been a long time since a novel actually scared me. THE DEMONIC did just that. Highly recommended!”

“I expected this to be scary but the level of horror this audiobook induced is by far greater than any I have heard. I couldn’t put it down! It was refreshingly terrifying!!!! If you enjoy horror – this is the book for you!”

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About author Lee Mountford

Lee Mountford is a horror author from the North-East of England. His first book, Horror in the Woods, was published in May 2017 to fantastic reviews, and his follow-up book, The Demonic, achieved Best Seller status in both Occult Horror and British Horror categories on Amazon.

He is a lifelong horror fan, much to the dismay of his amazing wife, Michelle, and his work is available in ebook, print and audiobook formats.

In August 2017 he and his wife welcomed their beautiful daughter, Ella, into the world. Michelle is hoping she doesn’t inherit her father’s love of horror, but Lee has other ideas…

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