They thought vampires were fantasy. They were wrong…

In the year 2044, reporters from the Public Relations Ministry gather at the home of Benjamin Harker, the last surviving member of the Harlem Hellfighters. At the age of 144, he is the oldest recorded man alive. Hidden among them, Clyde Bruner is looking for a different kind of story. Across the United States, despite the Great Walls and patrol drones built to keep America secure, something has found its way in. And now towns are vanishing during the night. Entire populations, gone. Only to return after the sun sets, changed, unholy, and lethal. And whatever this evil is, its spreading west.

According to a bedtime story Bruner’s grandfather told him when he was a boy, Benjamin Harker has seen this before. He’s faced this scourge. Fought this evil. Survived them. Killed them. From the trenches of the Great War to the jungles of Vietnam to the sands of Iraq, Harker will search his past to save our future.

But as each city light extinguishes across the country, is there no time left to stop what’s coming?

THE LAST HELLFIGHTER is an extraordinarily enthralling novel with a blow-me-out-of-the-water reader’s hook, set in the Port of Jerusalem, Maine (a beginning that rendered me speechless), THE LAST HELLFIGHTER wings us forward to the ugly and dismaying political climate of 2044 in the United States. The central figure is Benjamin Harker, native of Harlem, black WWI soldier, later Oklahoma homesteader–and vampire-fighter. I love this character (and James Reese Europe, jazz musician and WWI Lieutenant). I love and admire them, for their character [and] integrity,” -The Haunted Reading Room

The Last Hellfighter is a piece of art, hand-stitched across a fabric that is rich in history and complexity. It has a narrative scope that is impressive. The pacing of the story is spot on, with hardly a moment that I didn’t feel compelled to drive on. And Flowers has crafted a monster that is impressive and frightening. And underneath it all, he has told a human story” -Chad A. Clark, author of the Behind Our Walls trilogy.

“Author Flowers loves history as do I, and always brings it to us, alive and very present. I found a lot here astonishing (and terribly sad), but I’ve come away with improved understanding, knowledge, and empathy. I now have a new set of favorite fictional characters, and a new best-loved book.”

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From the author of FEAST and Reinheit comes a new chapter in horror…


News reports speak of mass panic and violence spreading across the globe. Negligent leaders hide behind misinformation. But in an age of paranoia and suspicion, who can say what is true anymore? Struggling to survive against a sweeping epidemic that has engulfed the planet, survivors will have to make hard choices in a world that no longer makes sense.

Live. Die. Or become one of the undead.

“This is an ABC13 Eyewitness News Breaking Report, coming to you from Houston, Texas, I’m Melanie Lawson—”
“—and I’m Kevin Quinn filling in for Tracy Clemons.”
Camera pans back to Melanie in her usual navy-blue blazer and pearl white blouse. Her hair is normally kept in a curled bob, but in this early afternoon hour, she looks as if she hadn’t any time to comb her hair or even apply makeup.
“We’re coming to you with a Breaking News report. According to Jeff Slovak reporting on scene, Methodist Medical Center in downtown Houston is on the verge of shutting down. Martial Law was announced earlier this morning from Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, and National Guardsmen have been put in place to keep the hospital open and secure.”
Panning to Kevin, his twelve o’clock shadow is looking even more gritty. If asked, he’d have a hard time remembering the last time he shaved or even brushed his teeth. His brown suit looked obviously ruffled as if whatever sleep he’d had was in that suit.
“Reporting live at Houston’s Methodist Medical Center, Jeff Slovak, can you tell us exactly what the situation is at the medical center?”
Live feed coming from downtown Houston, seasoned journalist Jeff Slovak stares unblinking into the camera. Behind him, uniformed officers and National Guardsmen struggle to keep a surge mob from pouring into the hospital. Random people, some crying, others shouting, run by in a blur. The noise is borderline chaotic with sirens blaring and someone yelling into a bullhorn.
Microphone in hand and white knuckled, “Kevin, the situation here at Methodist looks very dire. We’re being told that officials for the City of Houston are diverting patients to CDC and Houston Health Department inoculation stations…”
Camera cut out, instantly filling TV screens across Houston with a Google Earth image of the city and the surrounding areas. Red triangles marked in various spot across the map.
Jeff continued, “As you can see, there are dozens of locations people can take those who are sick or injured to receive treatment.”
Shifting to the right, the map of Houston splits the screen with glimpses of Jeff Slovak still squeezing his mic with people rushing behind him and with the newscasters sitting behind their wide podium. Melanie frowned, giving the camera and her audience her best serious pose. “The red triangles on the map, you said officials are saying those are inoculation stations? Have they said what exactly the inoculation is for? What’s causing this epidemic?”
Short pause.
“No comment has been made as to what the inoculation is actually for. The CDC left the hospital just a short while ago and refused to give a statement. Authorities with the Houston Health Department mentioned something about a kind of Super Flu strain, but—”
Gun fire rang from somewhere in the mob of people rushing the barricades. Jeff flinched and ducked, as did the cameraman, giving the people watching and those at ABC13 Eyewitness News a jittery image.
“Jeff? Jeff, are those gunshots?” Kevin broke in.
Stuttering, “Yes…yes…someone in the crowd is—”
More gun reports, like a volley popping off in sporadic unison.
“—no…it’s not the crowd, it’s the soldiers…the National Guardsmen are opening fire into the crowd!”

“No two ways about it: love this novella! If you’re a zombie lover, you can’t help but revel-the author loves this subgenre, and his devotion shines in every sentence. If you’re convinced you don’t love zombies, or you think zombies are long since overdone, or you believe all that could be said about them has been written: think again, seriously. Just give PLANET OF THE DEAD a try. Read the first page; when you surface for air, you’ll realize you read the whole story.”

Planet of the Dead is incredibly fast paced. Once things start going, they don’t calm down until the end. Some people think there is nothing new in the zombie world, but Flowers proves them wrong. I read A LOT of zombie books and Planet of the Dead is most definitely in my top 3-5 favorites.”

Thomas is a fan of Romero and zombies. You need read no more than a few chapters of this to figure that out. This story is quick and brutal. And I love the structure of it, with the narrative jumping around between central and less consequential characters.”

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About author Thomas S. Flowers

Who doesn’t love a good story? Thomas’s favorite tales include All Quiet on the Western Front, Salem’s Lot, and Hell House. In his own writings, he aspires to create fantastic worlds with memorable characters and haunted places. His stories range from Shakespearean gore, classic monsters tales, and even stories that hurt him the most to write about, haunted soldiers and PTSD. Residing in the swamps of Houston, Texas, with his wife and daughter, Thomas’s debut novel, Reinheit, was eventually published with Shadow Work Publishing, along with Lanmò, The Hobbsburg Horror, FEAST, Beautiful Ugly, and Planet of the Dead. His veteran focused paranormal thriller series, The Subdue Series, filled with werewolves, Frankenstein-inspired monsters, cults, alter-dimensional insects, witches, and the undead are published with Limitless Publishing.

In 2008, Thomas was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army where he served three tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2014, Thomas graduated from University of Houston-Clear Lake with a Bachelors in History. He is the senior editor at Machine Mean, a site that reviews horribly awesome and vintage horror movies and books from guest contributors who obsess over a wide range of strange yet oddly related topics.

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