Death is forever … most of the time.

For seventeen-year-old, Sebastian Trawler (Bash) the summer is supposed to mean parties, sleep, and hitting the beach with friends, but when his parents start to suspect he’s been lying about working at a local restaurant, he decides to take a real job that requires the least amount of effort. He finds it when he’s hired to work for an eccentric mortician who believes the corpses are moving at night.

Watching dead bodies is supposed to be easy but as Sebastian finds out there’s no such thing.

Horror and mystery meet in this gruesome tale by L.V. Pires that’s already getting great reviews…

“What a unique idea for a book! Off-and-on, I’ve thought of going into the mortuary business, solely so I wouldn’t have to deal with too many live people. Well, thanks to this book, there goes that idea! I found this book to be superbly readable, with a great mix of action, and suspense.”

“”The Waiting Mortuary” has a lot of twists & turns & just when you think it’s over…it grabs you again.”

“This book was an awesome, edge-of-my-seat read. I ended up loving Bash’s character, even though I wasn’t sure at first that he was going to be a good guy. The bad guy was soooo incredibly creepy! The fight scenes were intense and horrible–but great too. It was like I was watching them, rather than reading about them. Now, that’s good writing! I loved the twists & the whole plot. I will definitely be reading this author again.”

“I loved this book. I was guessing until the end and the implications of the final pages chilled me to the bone! I look forward to more from this author!”

“I could smell the odors as the author described them. I felt chills as I read this book. The old man’s house/funeral home was so nasty it made me want to gag. That’s how beautifully descriptive this book is. Perfectly creepy in all the right ways!! Made me not want to be alone at night haha!!!”

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And then start book one of this terrific series…

A coming of age series that begins deep within the core of the Marshlands. Join the middle-grade adventure today! Simon Barnacle is a boy in a perfectly balanced harvest world of light and dark. His life as a worker is ordinary until someone opens an underground chamber, releasing dark energy onto the land, killing his father, and even worse, freeing the Dark Lord Balterax. Now, strange whispers call to Simon haunting his thoughts, vultures appear on every eave just waiting to pick off the dead, and the land itself begins to crumble and decay. Desperate to find medicine for his ailing mother, Simon ventures to Bog’s End only to find the land is much more imbalanced than he thought. His only hope is to team up with fellow allies who are eager to seal the chamber, but with Simon’s body slowly disintegrating and his mind turning against him with each passing minute, will he have the strength to retrieve dark matter and rebalance the land and its people? Find out what happens in Simon Barnacle’s retelling of the events on the Marshlands in Book One of The Barnacle Chronicles, The Search for Dark Matter.

“Well written book that kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next.”

The Search for Dark Matter has the feel of a dark fairytale, with a ghostly atmosphere. The author does a great job portraying the fear and jumbled thoughts of the main character, Simon”

“Original, creative, mesmerizing, and entertaining. I really enjoyed the story!”

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About author L.V. Pires

Lisa Veronica Pires is the author of several stories for young readers, including EXTENSION, THE PORTRAIT, and SUMMER OF WINGED CREATURES. She is the recipient of the Eileen Spinelli Award and a graduate of Spalding University’s MFA program in Writing for Children and Young Adults.

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