“Replicator” Comes to YouTube

Michigan film company It’s Alive Films has now made their film Replicator available to watch in its entirety completely free on YouTube.

The short satirical horror film clocks in at 34 minutes and 52 seconds, and originally debuted at Sunrise 45 Film Festival in 2017, later playing at Spooky Empire’s International Horror Film Festival.

Writer and Director Stephen Florentine says “I wrote Replicator after reading about yet another remake being made of a beloved film, and finally snapping. I imagined the creators and studio execs being incredibly unoriginal, and thought of how useless they must be outside of a film studio. Then I thought about how scary it would actually be if one of these producers was put into the real world, with no actual skills other than remaking what already works just fine. The rest fell into place after that.” The film’s title, as well as its tagline ‘Anything can be remade’, serves to hint at the concept that the film tackles: a power hungry film producer attempting to “remake” every aspect of his life after losing his studio job. “The tone I was going for was a satirical comedy for the first half and then a complete tonal shift in the second that’s more of a suburban horror film,” Florentine says.

Actress Krissi Kinney, who was also the Producer, Casting Director and location manager for the film says she is “beyond elated to see this project come together.” Kinney, wearing many hats in the film world, co-founded It’s Alive Films. She continues “Everyone involved did an outstanding job bringing Stephen’s vision and script to life. It is our first film to be released on YouTube, which is live now for all to enjoy. This is truly just the beginning of great scripts, talented casts, and quality films.” Among those Kinney cast in this film was Joshua Werner, whose acting she’d first witnessed in the feature film UFO: The Otis Files. Werner, known outside of movies primarily for his work in the comic book industry, has now become further involved with the film company’s creative direction, strengthening the team further.

“I’d love for this short to reach an audience that is hungry for original content,” says Florentine, ending the discussion in a tone both ominous and hopeful. “The film landscape today is even more depressing than it was when I first wrote the script, so the time for indie films with a voice to return is now. Films are more generic, bland and indistinguishable than they ever were; we need filmmakers with a voice to start making some noise again.“

It’s Alive Films has several projects in the works, including another short film titled “Consigned to Oblivion” debuting this month at Sunrise 45 Film Festival.

Replicator, starring Phillip Shaun DeVone (Dog Eat Dog, Red Hood: The Series, Betrayed) can be watched on YouTube here:

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