The Freak Show Horror Film Festival Goes Epic!

What: The Original FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival

When: Friday, October 26th – 28th, 2018

Where: EPIC Theatres at Lee Vista

Marking its thirteenth year showcasing some of the very best in independent, local, and international horror; the FREAK SHOW is rapidly gearing up to be another fear-tastic viewing season. Specializing in the debut screenings of a select variety of Super Shorts, Shorts, Student Shorts, and Features submitted from around the world and it’s not slowing down. Horror Filmmakers from all over enter their works of art, vying for a chance to win the coveted “FREAKY” Award.

Through broadening genre definitions, highlighting filmmakers from diverse backgrounds, and curating meaningful Q & A panels, FSHFF is committed to bringing their unique passion and philosophy to Orlando, Florida. Starting out originally as a partner with the well-known horror convention Spooky Empire from 2006 until 2014, the festival quickly gained its own following. Eventually growing larger than the convention could host. This provided the opportunity to transition from Spooky Empire, into a proper theater going experience for the fans and filmmakers alike.

Honored to be Florida’s longest running and largest gathering of independent and international macabre art cinema. The FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival is proud to be partnering up with EPIC Theatre’s Lee Vista location for an unrivaled year-round experience. In doing so they are able to give their viewers the state of the art movie experience they rightfully deserve.

Dedicated to bringing their patrons the very best in independent horror and cult film favorites. The 2018 film festival will officially take place from October 26th through October 28th, at this new location. The move is reflective of FSHFF’s long-term goal to bring a collection of dark art cinema to a diverse and passionate community.

The brand new location offers a unique cinema experience with state of the art projection, comfort in plush leather reclining seats, appetizing tasty treats and drinks including a beer and wine bar located in the theater lobby.

In addition, the surrounding location offers easy access to a variety of well known restaurants and establishments should patrons choose to venture out for additional festivities in between film screenings.

For more information about the upcoming festival, including scheduling, programming, special events, hours, submission prices, as well as the new location, please visit

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