John Burr’s Eight-Time Winning Fantasy Horror ‘Muse’ Released By DarkCoast Today

When a struggling painter meets his muse, a mysterious, mythical woman who instills career success, the two fall into a mutual obsession that devolves into a violent nightmare, forcing the artist to ultimately choose between the two most important things – his muse and his morality.

DARKCOAST – MUSE: “A mixture of supernatural with a couple jump scares, MUSE ended up being a really well done film.” – Nightmarish Conjurings, “If you have the opportunity, See. This. Movie.”

After representation at this past year’s Cannes Film Festival Marché du Film, TriCoast Worldwide’s horror label, DarkCoast, is thrilled to announce the end of the long anticipation for U.S. horror lovers – John Burr’s eight-time winning, fantasy indie-horror, MUSE, will be available on U.S. video streaming platforms today, August 21st, exclusively from DarkCoast.

Written and directed by John Burr (Boots, The Last Kill), MUSE is a twisted, haunted fairytale that combines elements of a psychological thriller, the supernatural and past Irish legends and mythological influences. Shot entirely in 15 days, MUSE is a gripping, psychological thriller that ultimately examines how inspiration can be downfall of any great artist. Inside a gritty, DTLA loft is a lonely, struggling painter, Adam (Riley Egan), who longs for artistic inspiration and to become a successful artist. But, when Adam’s muse takes form in a glimmering, mystical and deadly spirit creature from Celtic lore, the Leannán Sí (Elle Evans), who is based upon the Gaelic legend of a mythical Celtic, she chooses Adam as her human lover to protect and seduce. The silently beautiful, yet extremely mysterious Leannán Sí allows Adam’s career to soar as he begins to fall into an obsession that turns into a violent nightmare when he realizes just how far she is willing to go to protect him. With an upside down moral compass, Adam is forced to choose between his morality or his muse – his success and inspiration.

How far will the Leannán Sí go to protect her lover and can Adam live with her actions while maintaining his success? Or will Adam try and stop her when she begins to protect him from the ones he loves?  

“MUSE is a gripping psychological thriller,” wrote Close-up Culture, describing Burr’s film to be “an alluring yet haunting experience – one you will not be able to take your eyes off.”

Visually satisfying and accompanied by a wonderful score, “Director John Burr and his team have a firm grasp of camera movement and lighting,” examined Horror Freak News, adding, “It’s thoughtfully shot, artfully lit – with terrific locations and a filled-out supporting cast of many extras – all lending a quality of realism.” MUSE had its U.S. premiere at FilmQuest 2017, received three prestigious wins from the 2017 Horrorhaus Film Festival, Best Score for award-winning Alexander Rudd (Lady Boy, The Unknown) at Sin City Horror Fest 2017 and Best Cinematography for notable cinematographer, Damian Horan at NOLA Horror Film Festival 2017. Most recently in 2018, MUSE won Best Horror Feature Film and the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival and received eight nominations at the Austin Revolution Film Festival.

MUSE credits its fantastic editing to longtime, legendary editors, Ed Marx (Jeepers Creepers, Frozen) and Jeff Murphy (Justice). The film’s lead, Riley Egan (All I Ever Wanted), phenomenally embodies Adam, who struggles with his moral compass and the line between a hero and a villain. Alongside, MUSE features a star-studded cast, including Elle Evans (The Love Witch) with a spectacular dialogue-less performance, daytime Emmy winner, Kate Mansi (Days of Our Lives, How I Met Your Mother), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (Teen Wolf), Phil Abrams (Insidious: Chapter 3) and Jennie Fahn (Black Christmas).

MUSE (2018, 95 min.) Directed and written by John Burr. Produced by: Josh Mills, TJ Amato, Austin Sepulveda, Michael Smiy, Dan Amato. Edited by: Ed Marx, Jeff Murphy. Cinematographer: Damian Horan. Original Music: Alexander Rudd. USA, English. Desert Wind Films, Watchmakers Entertainment, Manhattan Company Entertainment, DarkCoast, TriCoast Worldwide.

Produced by: Desert Wind Films, Watchmakers Entertainment, Manhattan Company Entertainment.

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