Myers Press and Publications, Along with Dr. Eff Designs, Proudly Present Horror Graphic Novel Down by Kontact

Myers Press and Publications, along with Dr. Eff Designs, proudly present the long awaited horror graphic novel Down by Kontact.

Down by Kontact is a unique period piece that was heavily inspired by George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, along with classic horror and cult cinema.

The story follows four chaotic friends planning to dominate a tournament at their local arcade. They soon find themselves trapped in a zombie massacre, and struggle to survive while protecting a little girl.

Originally written as a film script with intentions to be shot in black and white, Matthew Myers decided to edit, and produce the concept as a graphic novel when he spotted the art work of Dixie Filloy, owner of Dr. Eff Designs.

Dixie, daughter of legendary animator Arthur Filloy, had the stand out style influenced by classic horror that was perfect to bring this project to life organically. After liking the script, we decided to join forces and work together.

Down by Kontact is ambiguous in nature.

As the story is told in a little girl’s flashback of her life, it leaves a lot for the reader to interpret in their mind, where horror is the scariest!

Down by Kontact makes a statement as it leaves the reader jarred in how you don’t realize the entire story until the last page. It is also a portrayal of how much society has changed since the mid 90s.

Down by Kontact will be available shortly as the book is being sent to print. You can pre order copies on my website which was set up for independent distribution. There are also custom tshirts available on the website.

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