Millennium After the Millennium to Preview at Son of Monsterpalooza on Sept 16th 2018

A special preview and panel Q&A of Resurrection Films’s Millennium after the Millenium will take place at Monsterpalooza in Burbank, Ca at 12pm on September 16th 2018. A Q&A hosted by Joseph Maddrey will take place following the preview.

In 1996 Chris Carter followed up THE X-FILES with the darker, arguably more sophisticated series MILLENNIUM, a gothic horror show that pit actor Lance Henriksen against a thousand points of darkness. The series ended abruptly in 1999, but the darkness remains. Fans yearning for Frank Black’s heroic return can revisit past nightmares and see glimpses of a hopeful future in the new feature-length documentary, MILLENNIUM AFTER THE MILLENNIUM

The film was written by Joseph Maddrey (Nightmares in Red White and Blue, To Hell You Ride) and directed by Jason D. Morris (Collpase, Story of Eva), produced by Troy L. Foreman (Ghosts Don’t Exist, Dark Winter).

Celebrities who are expected to attend include Lance Henriksen, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Klea Scott, Michael R. Perry, Richard Whitley and Erin Maher.

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