CYNTHIA is Now Playing on Multiple VOD Platforms. CYNTHIA… is… Born!

Cynthia is, “The number one cult horror entry for 2018”
–DVD and BluRay Release Report

Spread the word! The award winning infertility horror/comedy, CYNTHIA, is now available to watch! Watch Cynthia right now at the following fine VOD outlets! DVD’s release on October 23rd.












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CYNTHIA review quotes:

“Screenwriter Robert Rhine and co-directors Devon Downs and Kenny Gage have made something polished, colorful and energetic… The picture builds to a properly crazed crescendo, showcasing an impressively disgusting monster.” – LA TIMES

“A terrifying dark comedy. Horror icons Bill Moseley and Sid Haig damn sure made magic together… Cynthia crawls out of the womb with a taste for blood.” – Bloody Disgusting

“From the demented mind that brought you Girls and Corpses, perverted comedian Robert “Corpsy” Rhine brings his unique magazine to the big screen. The result is the best killer growth I’ve seen in cinema since Basket Case. For anyone looking for a fun horror filled comedy, directors Devon Downs and Kenny Gage deliver laughs and light-hearted entertainment for Girls and Corpses making Cynthia a worthy centerfold.” – Without Your Head

“Cynthia is an absolute blast. This emphatically sits alongside greats like Deathgasm and Night of Something Strange as a twisted gory comedy… It’s funny as hell and even gorier and there are some fantastic turns from an all-star genre cast. I can’t recommend this one highly enough to those who like their horror on the wild side. It knows exactly how outrageous it is and it plays it up to fantastic effect!”” – Nerdvandia Media

“Cynthia is the Monster-Baby of Your Nightmares.” – Dead Entertainment

“Cynthia is bloody, it is funny, and the cast is phenomenal.. This nightmare is a campy horror fan’s dream come true. A lovely blend of shock and awww.” -Decay Magazine

“Fun, campy, witty and disgusting” –Maria’s Space

“Cynthia is a campy delight with the most hideously adorably creature ever made. It is really a perfect storm of different horror elements. The film has a fantastic cast, superb creature design, and it is hilarious.” -The Blogging Banshee

“A nightmare come to life!” – Dead Entertainment

“With excellent creature effects, satisfying gore, a stellar cast, and side-splitting humor, “Cynthia” is a bundle of pure horror comedy joy… bound to become a horror classic. Move over Chucky, Cynthia is in town!” —Morbidly Beautiful

“A well shot, professionally made, fun romp!” – First Comics News

“Tremendous!” -Horror Fuel

“Enjoyed the hell out of CYNTHIA! What a fantastic horror comedy that plucked the heartstrings from the first scene onward. Loved the mix of heart, grossness, horror, comedy and action.” – Reigel Report

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