Female-Driven Horror Short Prepares for Festival Run

Three female filmmakers in Vancouver (aka “Hollywood North”) are excited to share their short slasher film CAMPING TRIP – a horror film with classic tropes turned on their heads – with audiences worldwide.

Director Amy McLeish (THE WRITER, PEARLY NIGHTS), whose honors thesis at the University of Manchester explored the depictions of male vs. female serial killers in cinema was excited to create a film that turns stereotypical female representations upside down. With a crew of approximately 70% women, this was the perfect team to do just that.

During the casting process with up-and-coming Vancouver Casting Director Tina Marie (ATALANTA), the team received bites from actors around the world. The film stars Carmel Amit (CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA, GHOST WARS) and Clayton Chitty (CAPTAIN MARVEL, WHEN CALLS THE HEART) and was shot on the Jamestown film set property in Langley, BC.

The team had the tough task of outfitting an entire RV to fit the look and feel of McLeish’s vision on a shoestring budget. Thanks to an Indiegogo campaign, the team crowdfunded to make their story a reality, and caught the attention of horror fans worldwide – including actor Ben Fransham (WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS) – who kindly donated to the cause.

Writer/Producer Zlatina Pacheva (DEAR DIARY, EXTRA-ORDINARY AMY) and Producer Jaden Braunwarth (THE PREDATOR, SHUT EYE) are big fans of the horror genre and are very excited to start the film’s festival run. “We can’t wait to share this twisted, gory story with you!” Braunwarth stated.

CAMPING TRIP was produced by Nice as Pie Pictures and shot September 9 and 10, 2017 in Langley, BC.

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