WFKU Candy Corner Hellraiser III – Halloween Programming All Month Long

It’s our favorite time of year and we are back to cenobrate halloween in style with the Candy Corner Hellraiser lll. Get ready for another month of 24/7 halloween programming special shows, candy, and of course the annual Gothgram halloween costume contest.

Our programming for the month of October is a special blend of classic radio horror mystery and drama from the 40’s-60’s as well as classic Halloween music spanning several decades. Several wfku DJS contributed to the programming, it is unique and wonderful.

We are also proceeding with our normal weekly live programming featuring shows from DJ’s Marco, Mange Vorhees, Maria, Dracon, Draven, Dave, Nederfolk, Steel Angel, Cliff and Ivy, AMCM, Acid Fairy, Jack Phoenix, Mcspookypants, MattD, Whiskey, and Albert Bouchard.

We had some serious technical difficulties this year and were off the air for several months. Some issues were resolved. some are still ongoing. We did as much as we could, put as much love sweat and tears as we could spare. Unfortunately some problems can only be fixed with cold hard cash. We have been doing this for 10 years and have brought down our expenses as low as they can go. We need $600 more to make it through 2019.

Totally broke? Win some of our money in the costume contest #gothgramhalloween2018 to your Instagram post to enter free. Best costume wins. The Winner is determined by DJ vote.

$1 or more and get stickers
$13 or more and get candy stickers and pins
$20 or more candy stickers pins and patch

$13 2 months web banner advertising
$66 1 year web advertising
$666 1 year web banner and audio advertising.

*International donations will NOT receive candy,we will send stickers patches flyers and buttons please be generous shipping overseas is expensive.

We can also take donations in Bitcoin and Etherium and paypal




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