New, Exciting Title from Proven Horror Directors – the Butcher Brothers!

A Beginners Guide To Snuff

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Joey Kern (TNT Series Good Lies, Cabin Fever, Super Troopers, Blood Sucking Bastardsl)
Bree Williamson (General Hospital/TV Series, Haven/TV Series, Gossip Girl, Deception)
Luke Edwards (True Detective/HBO, Little Big League, The Stooges, Davis Rules, Newsies)
Producer Jeff Allard(The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Violent Kind, Boone, Night Watchmen)


Joey Kern
Bree Williamson
Luke Edwards

A Butcher Brothers film!

Butcher Brothers (cult/underground following) – known for “THE VIOLENT KIND” – “APRIL FOOLS DAY” and “THE HAMILTONS”

2 brothers decide to make most convincing pseudo-snuff film EVER and decide not to tell the Victim that it’s “staged” – of course the brothers whole plan goes south – as they picked the wrong victim and soon find the tables turned on them!!


The trailer is currently ranked #2 on iTunes and #3 on Dark Horizons for most popular:

Early Press:
Humor, mistaken identities and gore to redecorate the walls with” – – Dread Central
Butcher Brothers hit all the right notes with cast – Hollywood Reporter
Butcher Brothers Write scares so well you never see it coming… –
FEAR in NYC as Snuff film comes out and scares… Aint It Cool News
Brand new horror starts in this film with great acting – Broadway World
Grind house horror hits the right moments in this winner – – Fangoria
The Butcher Brothers educate you with A Beginner’s Guide to Snuff – Alien Bee

ORDER NOW: Streets 10/16/18!

Order Info:
UPC# 825284202618/CAT#02612K4D Trt: 97minutes SRP: $24.99

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