Zom- Com of Academic Proportions…

For the last 70 years, a ravenous virus has been safely sealed away under the old army barracks, until a mysterious fire breaks out on a closing university… just in time for the students to showcase their……Final Cutz.


New Mexican-based actors J.D. Garfield (Sicario: Day of the Soldado), Eb Lottimer (Dead River), and Lisa Lucas (Emmy Award-winning producer), and features debut performances from SFUAD graduates Rio Finnegan, Jennifer Keanini, Emilia Miceli and Dylan Salewski.

Directed and Written by:

Liam Lockhart

The work-in-progress has already been submitted for consideration to a number of international film festivals, and Lockhart and his team are hoping this “Zom- Com of Academic Proportions” will find its niche audience.

FINAL CUTZ has been a labor of love on the part of all involved,” said Lockhart. “If it hadn’t been for the undying commitment of our students and faculty, this film would never be seeing the light of day.”

Students and faculty from the former Santa Fe University of Art and Design are nearing completion on their zombie feature-film, FINAL CUTZ – a collective cinematic catharsis to cope with the loss of their beloved institution.

Even with the loss of their school they continued to make this film, but now they need your help to finish it!

Click the pic and support their film today…

There are plenty of awesome perks available in return for your pledge to their campaign like…

-Receive a signed printed limited edition Poster!

-You will receive a much appreciate Thank You credit in the film AND a signed limited edition and numbered copies of the script!

-Receive A LIMITED EDITION Standard DVD or Blu-ray disc (please indicate which disc) of the completed film with a Bonus Behind the Scenes disc!

-Receive an Executive Producer Credit

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-Read more about their school’s closure, and how the film began

-Find more articles about the film

-Get all of the details on the available perks 

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-Watch more teasers

-Read more about the film

-Get more details on the team making this film happen

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