‘Abhorrent’ Coming October 31st from Author Michelle Merz

The creep factor hits with a delectable force in Michelle Merz’s forbidding new collection of short stories. Stalking through the realms of urban legends and dark taboo, Merz brings terror to light with descriptive passages and imagery. Readers will enjoy the buffet of horror thrust upon them, each story with their own twists and turns. Familiarity may seem relevant to some stories, while others are brand new depths.

Thirteen stories range from monsters lurking beside the bed to snuff porn will captivate the reader. This collection does not disappoint those who are new to horror, or the seasoned veteran looking for fresh ideas.

“Each tale crafted from an innovative mind. One thing that is lacking from the Horror genre. Its rare gems like Abhorrent where substantial creativity lives.” – Stacy Cox of DecayMag.com

The book is available for purchase via: Amazon, Barnes N’ Noble, and Pegasus Creative’s website, www.thepegasusllc.com

Praise for Michelle Merz

”Michelle Merz is THE storyteller you should go to if you need an internal stirring of emotions. The author has a way with words and each short story she wrote has pull. Sure, they are unsettling, but you would still want to continue reading and ask for more!” – Trisha Dawn for Reader’s Favorite

“With an amazing style and some very dark inspiration, Merz reminds me of what real horror is all about.” – Damnetha Jules for HorrorPalace.com

“Michelle Merz has a way of rendering a story in such a way that it seems like a hi-def photograph…her descriptive ability in the first offering [of “Dark: A Collection”], “The Reunion”, stuns.” – Bothsams Publishing on GoodReads.com

“[Merz’s] stories are both terrifying and suspenseful, utilizing the sensory and psychological experience of her characters to bring readers to an ending that is often unexpected and unsettling.” – PromoteHorror.com

Publication Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Publisher: Pegasus Creative Group

About the Author

Michelle Merz dives into the dark shadows of humanity for her collection of short stories. Not afraid to venture where others won’t tread, Merz explores all aspects of human nature and the twisted worlds that the shadows create.

About the Author’s Previous Work

“Dark: A Collection” debut on a Friday the 13th to rave reviews. Award the 5-Star Review from Reader’s Favorite, “Dark” takes the reader along a journey from which they might not venture back. Prepare to mentality hold onto these stories for a while; although short, they have lingering, almost festering, qualities. Ranging from the bowels of humanity to the supernatural, these shorts won’t disappoint.

About Publisher

Pegasus Creative is a new small press, based in Mississippi. It is the brain child of Blood Reign Literary Magazine Editors Lachelle Redd and Kristina Stancil. Pegasus is dedicated to aiding new and emerging authors to achieve their dreams of marketing and publication.

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