What Kind Of Demons Await You Tonight?

For Richie, life’s constant cheap shots are adding up. When he finds something is watching him, he never dreamed that it would show him everything he ever wanted.

When his son, James, comes to stay for the last month of summer, the changes in his father’s behavior come to the forefront. What is his father doing staring into the window in the middle of the night?
Was the fiery spark in the dark real? Or is Jame’s imagination getting the best of him?

Summer’s almost over.
And life is about to change.
Will James be able to save his father? Or is it already too late?

The Window holds the answers…and the key.

Rolfe delivers a chilling tale of demonic possession that keep you turning the pages all night long.” – Russell James, author of Q ISLAND

“Never gonna look in a mirror or out a window again! Deep and rich with meaning, and even if all you’re hoping for is a strong scary story-THE WINDOW will surely scare your socks off!” – The Haunted Reading Room

Rolfe had already arrived in the horror world before THE WINDOW. Now, he will take a step up into the next echelon of horror greats and it will be completely deserved off of this masterpiece.” – Kendall Reviews

“A new twist on the demon theme which the author handles with deftness, creating a true horror story that racks up the tension and suspense. Rolfe is an original voice in horror and one I expect to be around for a long time to come.” – Catherine Cavendish, author of Wrath of the Ancients

Glenn Rolfe writes amazing characters, but you never know which ones are going to live to tell about it. I was on the edge of my seat during the climax, hoping everyone made it out alive! If you’re looking for a creepy book, open The Window, but I suggest you close the curtains at night.”

“Gory and perverse on the outside (don’t let the inconspicuous cover fool you!), but character-driven and emotional on the inside, this book really kept me awake reading, a feat not easily achieved these nights…”

THE WINDOW, by Glenn Rolfe, is a novel that had virtually everything you could ask for in a horror story. There was great characterization, some “coming-of-age” themes, demonic possession, evil, torture–both mental and physical–betrayal, tests of loyalty, and an ever present feeling of fear. Did I mention the demons?”

“I’m new to Glenn Rolfe. But I am so glad I stumbled upon this! Loved it.”

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And then check out another 5 star book…

Demon lights, granted wishes, strange things, and brutal love at the Lucky Lounge Motel. A haunted sister, desperate parents, a little human touch, and the end of the world…

These are the stories whispered among dead leaves, the script etched bare for all to see. When the chills sink deep and your heart begins to pound…are you alone?

Welcome to Glenn Rolfe’s LAND OF BONES
14 tales of the strange and macabre

“Whatever flavor of horror you like, LAND OF BONES serves up a dish for you. Rolfe’s range is wide and he cuts deep.”
– Tom Deady, Bram Stoker Winning author of HAVEN and WEEKEND GETAWAY

Rolfe delivers the scares, empathy, heartache, and loss. One of the best collections I’ve ever read!”
— Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews

LAND OF BONES is like a good beer – crisp, refreshing, and it has this lingering aftertaste that makes you want to order a second round. A very good read from a talented writer.”

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About author Glenn Rolfe:

Glenn Rolfe is an author from the haunted woods of New England. He studied Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, and continues his education in the world of horror by devouring the novels of Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, and many others. He and his wife, Meghan, have three children, Ruby, Ramona, and Axl. He is grateful to be loved despite his weirdness.

He is the author of The Window, Becoming, Blood and Rain, The Haunted Halls, Chasing Ghosts, Boom Town, Abram’s Bridge, Things We Fear, Land of Bones, Out of Range, and Slush.

He is hard at work on many more. Stay tuned!

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