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Hey Cynthia fans, cast and crew –

Our little girl Cynthia is making some noise and was the #1 new VOD film in September from Indican Pictures and Lionsgate digital!

Check out a new review of Cynthia on All Horror plus an interview with Corpsy about Cynthia:

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A few CYNTHIA choice review quotes:

“Screenwriter Robert Rhine and co-directors Devon Downs and Kenny Gage have made something polished, colorful and energetic… The picture builds to a properly crazed crescendo, showcasing an impressively disgusting monster.” – LA TIME

“A terrifying dark comedy. Horror icons Bill Moseley and Sid Haig damn sure made magic together… Cynthia crawls out of the womb with a taste for blood.” – Bloody Disgusting

“Oh, my, Indican Pictures might just have the number one cult horror entry for 2018 on its hands! -DVD and BluRay Release Report

“Cynthia… a cult classic in the making.” — Blood, Violence and Babes.

“Cynthia is a fun watch. The movie is polished, well-edited, features some great tracking shots and sports some golden dialog. The entertainment value of Cynthia was high … a truly creative dark comedy that let me know this wasn’t your average everyday preggo horror. A cameo from Bill Moseley as a hyper-aggressive homeless cross-dresser was one of the first signs that I was in for a wild ride. There were a number of memorable scenes that I’m sure I’ll be referencing from time to time in future reviews. –All Horror

“From the demented mind that brought you Girls and Corpses, perverted comedian Robert “Corpsy” Rhine brings his unique magazine to the big screen. The result is the best killer growth I’ve seen in cinema since Basket Case. For anyone looking for a fun horror filled comedy, directors Devon Downs and Kenny Gage deliver laughs and light-hearted entertainment for Girls and Corpses making Cynthia a worthy centerfold.”

— Without Your Head

“This has blood, guts and laughs by the bucket load. With various inventive gory kills the slimy, deformed childlike monster stalks, farts and squelches it’s way into our hearts and sick buckets. The characters are bold, damaged and obnoxious yet strangely endearing and well played. FX wise it has lots of lovely practical FX, the creature is glimpsed only briefly at first but revealed in all its glory later on being suitably gross but also kind of cute as the movie progresses. You will laugh and be disgusted simultaneously. I found this incredibly enjoyable and well done in every way. Even though it is something not to be taken seriously it still carries a story of motherly love and sacrifice which makes it all the more endearing. It has nudity, one liners and a ton of blood. One to break out on a beer and pizza night for sure. It’s great fun!!” — Horror Screams Video Vault

CYNTHIA is the horror comedy of 2018! Writer/Producer Robert “Corpsy” Rhine and director Kenny Gage and Devon Downs have birthed a truly twisted tale of infant terror. David Cronenberg meets John Waters in the delivery room. ” – Reel Horror Show/Wegner

“Beautiful and funny.” — Film Crave Magazine

“six-fingered and one-legged crawling nightmare.” – Horror Society

“A good ol’ dark comedy with a great cast! Scout Taylor-Compton is amazing. Loved Lynn Lowry. Cynthia is so ugly that she’s adorable. It’s a really cool film… funny as shit!

— Pukem Podcast

“I enjoyed this. The production value was great. You can tell that the people making this movie knew what they were doing and the production value was high. And it was shot well. Scout Taylor-Compton gave a good performance. I liked the horror comedy of it and I liked the drama of it. ” – Sinister Cinema Reviews

“Cynthia is an absolute blast. This emphatically sits alongside greats like Deathgasm and Night of Something Strange as a twisted gory comedy… It’s funny as hell and even gorier and there are some fantastic turns from an all-star genre cast. I can’t recommend this one highly enough to those who like their horror on the wild side. It knows exactly how outrageous it is and it plays it up to fantastic effect!”” – Nerdvandia Media

“It’s all played straight and smart, with the biting (so to speak) comedy serving as a counterpoint to scenes that would’ve been too melodramatic or outlandish on their own. This also gives a welcome satirical edge to some of the most horrific death scenes. CYNTHIA just keeps building to a climax that goes from queasy horror to nail biting suspense (always with that comedy undercurrent) before ending on an old-fashioned “gotcha!” that caps it off with a shuddery smile.” — HK and Cult Film News

“The characters are effervescent and funny. They make the exposition amusing until shit hits the fan and still they make us laugh. The humor is smart, tongue-in-cheek and dark. The promo art sold you a horror movie about a demented newborn and it’s exactly what you get, but with a peculiar signature that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with good dialogue and pacing that keep you focused. The actors give it all they have; however intense and over-the-top things get.” –Tales of Terror

“I was surprised watching Cynthia. It was so much fun to watch with some cool twists I did not see coming and not all the twists were actually related to the creatures. It was a very good mix of drama, comedy and horror. I enjoyed every minutes of it because of its quirky characters and dialogues and not only because of the creature itself. Give it a go! Cynthia the film and Indican Pictures congrats!” – Cinemadfgix

“… the most hideous child ever imagined.” — Promote Horror

“Don’t miss the birthing terror that is Cynthia!” –Alien Bee

“Enjoyable film to watch, one that is chock-full of some of modern Horrors most-popular faces and a little creature that, despite its grotesqueness, looks absolutely adorable in a pink princess cone hat. Taylor-Compton does a wonderful job. Cynthia is quite an amusing addition to the creature vault, a creepy little mutant.” — Crypt Rock

“Cynthia is the Monster-Baby of Your Nightmares.” – Dead Entertainment

“Cynthia is bloody, it is funny, and the cast is phenomenal.. This nightmare is a campy horror fan’s dream come true. A lovely blend of shock and awww.” -Decay Magazine

“Fun, campy, witty and disgusting” –Maria’s Space

“Cynthia is a campy delight with the most hideously adorably creature ever made. It is really a perfect storm of different horror elements. The film has a fantastic cast, superb creature design, and it is hilarious.” -The Blogging Banshee

“A nightmare come to life!” – Dead Entertainment

“With excellent creature effects, satisfying gore, a stellar cast, and side-splitting humor, “Cynthia” is a bundle of pure horror comedy joy… bound to become a horror classic. Move over Chucky, Cynthia is in town!” —Morbidly Beautiful

“A well shot, professionally made, fun romp!” – First Comics News

“CYNTHIA is a twisted tale of tot terror – think John Waters meets David Cronenberg. It resembles a mainstream dark comedy of a suburban nightmare or a Lifetime movie from hell. This film is filled to the womb with flawless performances, pacing and top notch production value. But, let’s not forget the iconic little monster, created by the amazing Mario Torres Jr. (The Shape of Water, Hellboy II, The Strain, Bride of Chucky), who will unexpectedly grow on you like a cyst and warm your heart… then eat it. – Reel Horror Show

“Tremendous!” -Horror Fuel

“Enjoyed the hell out of CYNTHIA! What a fantastic horror comedy that plucked the heartstrings from the first scene onward. Loved the mix of heart, grossness, horror, comedy and action.” – Reigel Report

“I loved it. Right from the beginning to the very end I was hooked. It really cuts to the punch of the comedy and horror. Scout Taylor- Compton was a great lead and this is one of her best new roles where she had a character who was a little more fleshed out . It was great to see her walk the tight rope of comedy satire and horror. I loved the satire of the script, it gave you those dry bitter snicker kind of giggles where you know the writer’s sense of humor is vivid and wild yet somewhat restrained so that it’s compelling right off the bat. It was a blessing that they mostly used practical creature effects for the title character, Cynthia. They did a lot of things right here. It is in the family of horror comedy that you seldom see anymore. It is FOR fans of horror comedy. It is not confused with it’s genre, and I’m glad the film was self aware enough to walk that tight line… a treat for fans of horror comedy. I actually hope there’s a sequel lol!

— Influx

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