Goes International: Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos)

For the first time ever, went international! Yes, we missed out on Halloween, but Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) presented some similar yet different celebrations. While there were a lot of Day of the Dead activities throughout Mexico, we caught a few of them in Mexico City, and nearby cities. Below we bring you some pictures, and videos of pictures we took along the way…

This was a 7 deadly sins design in the lobby of our hotel.

Well, it looks like we all float down in Mexico too! Yes, some locals did dress up on Halloween night, and HorrO had to take a picture with Pennywise! 

Throughout our travels, we found several places to get your face painted. Both other tourists, and locals young and old took part in it. 

We visited Mexicraneos 2018 en Paseo de la Reforma, where we got a taste of the creativity that Day of the Dead brings out in the people. In the video, you’ll get to see a lot of pictures of colorful creatures and skulls, along with people in costumes, and a few surprises! There were over 50 skulls, and a great deal of creatures in this fabulous exhibition.

Lucha Libre is popular in Mexico, but what does it have to do with Day of Dead? We’re not 100% sure what was said, but apparently losers of matches are dragged out thru the crowd by these skeletons. It might have been a symbol of being taken to hell, or at least our interpretation of it.

We got to check out another festival, this time in Puebla. Again we found more awesome skull art, people in costumes, festival games, and tons of merchandise! Also, spotted were some characters from the movie Coco roaming the streets, and taking pictures with people.

There were all kinds of skulls including one for Venom!

From our hotel…

To the streets…

In the malls…

Eating some Bread of the Dead…

Even with this familiar Halloween gag, you couldn’t escape the Day of the Dead celebration. Yes, it could have used some Halloween scares, but it provided us plenty to enjoy. The skulls and creatures were like seeing different trick-r-treaters coming to the door, and showing you their costumes. It was great to experience this celebration, and the different culture.

We hope you enjoyed this look at Day of the Dead, and that you will click here to head over to our blog for even more about our trip, and why it was extra special for us!

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