Scripted Holiday Musical Comedy Podcast, The First Mrs. Claus, Releases First Two Installments

Series Features Voices of Michelle Visage, Lewis Black, Kristin Chenoweth, RuPaul, Nancy Grace, and More

The Paragon Collective launched the first two installments of The First Mrs. Claus, a four-part holiday scripted musical comedy podcast. Created, written, composed and directed by Alex Aldea and Michael Ross, new episodes will premiere each Tuesday leading up to the Christmas holiday. The tongue-in-cheek tale features the voices of Michelle Visage, Kristin Chenoweth, Lewis Black, RuPaul, Ross Matthews, Josh Peck, Nancy Grace, Cecil Baldwin (Welcome to Night Vale), Katie Siegel (The Haunting of Hill House), Ray Dalton and more. Four hilarious half hour installments follow the courtroom trial of Hot Coco, Santa’s first wife, who is on trial for his murder.

Famous legal journalist Nancy Grace (playing herself) leads listeners inside the courtroom of The People vs. Hot Coco, where Attorney Salvatore Vation (Baldwin) from the Special Council from the Department of Internal Christmas Knowledge, or DICK, has brought everyone in on Christmas Eve to charge Hot Coco (Visage), also known as the first Mrs. Claus, with the murder of Santa Claus.

As the case unfolds listeners learn that the premise of Christmas isn’t about that big jolly guy in the red suit, a workshop full of elves, a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and his ever-dutiful wife standing off to the side making gingerbread. No, in fact everything we’ve been told is a total lie. Hot Coco reveals through a series of flashbacks that she came up with the whole idea for Santa by herself. Her boyfriend at the time, Ari (Black), christened himself “Santa Claus” and stole the entire operation when things took off. It was then that Ari decided to ditch Coco in favor of a new and more proper wife named Carol (Chenoweth) by tossing Coco to the curb. Things only get crazier from there as Coco tries to take back what’s hers and save Christmas.

“This podcast has been a labor of love between Michelle, Michael, and me,” said Aldea. “With the world as chaotic as it is, we wanted to make a fun escape. Something that would remind listeners that they are special, they are loved, and there are still beautiful moments to be found in this chaotic existence.”

The music is also an integral part of this show. The first song, “Believe,” hits close to home for the creators of The First Mrs. Claus. “Every year on Christmas I told my daughters you have to believe to receive. That is the element that keeps the joy alive in all of us,” said Visage. “The song came about after RuPaul and Visage discussed this on Episode 168 on RuPaul: What’s the Tee with Michelle Visage podcast with her daughter, Lola.

“The story of Santa Claus is a simple way to teach young people about karma and speak to the duel reality that we live in,” shared RuPaul. “This is a fun way to keep the storyline going and put our spin on all of it.”

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The first two episodes are available now on Apple Podcasts as well as wherever you listen to podcasts.

Apple Podcast Link:
Twitter: @firstmrsclaus
Instagram: @firstmrsclaus
Facebook @firstmrsclaus

Acting Cast:
· Michelle Visage as Coco Claus
· Lewis Black as Ari aka “Santa”
· RuPaul as Judge Green
· Kristin Chenoweth as Carol Claus
· Nancy Grace as herself
· Cecil Baldwin as Attorney Salvatore Vation
· Ross Matthews as Olivier de Elf
· David Cummings as Ed N. Forcer
· Jordyn Curet as Holly Day
· Kate Siegel as Mrs. Day
· Josh Peck as Prison Guard
· Nancy Grace as herself

Singing Cast:
· Camilla Rechio as Coco Claus
· Ray Dalton as Ari aka Santa Claus
· Kjerstin Mandt as Carol Claus
· Alex Aldea as Olivier de Elf


· Created by Alex Aldea and Michael Ross
· Written by Michael Ross and Alex Aldea
· Directed by Alex Aldea and Michael Ross
· Edited and Produced by Alex Aldea
· Songs by Alex Aldea
· Score by Andrew Joselyn and Alex Aldea
· Live Strings by Andrew Josleyn
· Mixed by Dave Andrew West at London Bridge Studios

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