Time to take a ride and watch…

No one rides for free.


Colleen Kelly, Gabrielle NiebauerWill James Johnson, and Steve Young

Directed and Written by: 

Dave Bundtzen

“Really impressive, such a frantic paced film!”

“It was phenomenal … was a really loved me ….what a story yrrr…its very dangerous and impressive”

“Oh man, what a treat!!! There is more story in 4 minutes than there are in most 2 hour movies! Bravo to all involved!!”

Now it’s your turn to watch and review this phenomenal short film…

More about the film from the director:

The Devil’s Passenger was a story idea that came to me while sitting in traffic. The project was shot over two nights in August 2018. We shot the majority of the project hand held to give it a unsettling feel. We shot the project with the RED Raven which was a great choice for our low lighting approach. The project had the help of a small but incredibly talented and dedicated cast and crew. The entire project took two months to complete from script to screen. I hope that you enjoy The Devil’s Passenger as much as we did making it.

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  1. Pretty good stuff. I loved the acting and cinematography.

    I just wish the interior of the cab portion of the van didn’t look like I had decorated it myself.

    Most important, I want to see a feature version of this. There is much to mine here for certain.

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