Cranked Up Films Presents “Don’t Leave Home”

“‘Get Out’ With Catholic Guilt in the Irish Countryside”

After recently unveiling her new sculptural exhibit on Irish urban legends, artist Melanie Thomas is contacted by Father Alistair Burke, a reclusive Irish priest who, legend has it, once painted the portrait of a young girl who later disappeared on the very day her image vanished from the painting. Now, summoned by Burke and his cohort to the Irish countryside for a special art commission, Melanie eagerly accepts the offer, never stopping to consider that some urban legends might be true.

Starring: Anna Margaret Hollyman, Lalor Roddy, Helena Bereen, David McSavage, Karrie Cox, and Mark Lawrence

Directed and written by: Michael Tully


Each new film I set out to make is an experiment, a challenge to inject personal, real-world ideas into a genre that I have not previously explored. With Don’t Leave Home, the primary cinematic spark was the European psycho-thrillers of the late-1960s/1970s (Don’t Look Now, Symptoms, The Night Digger, etc.). At the same time, I want all of my films to retain a sense of playfulness and humor throughout, and so my hope is that, as serious-minded and creepy as Don’t Leave Home is, audiences will also find it to be a “fun” ride.

In this current world of unlimited streaming content, where movies and TV shows are forgotten the moment they are finished, our ambitious goal was to produce a work of entertaining art that would keep viewers thinking long after the final credits have rolled, as well as inspire them to return for subsequent viewings in order to better connect the dream logic dots.

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