Exclusive Interview with “The Cabin” Star Caitlin Crommett

Caitlin Crommett wears several hats in the film industry – including working in the art department and as a cinematographer occasionally – but in the case of the new horror pic THE CABIN, she plays the female lead.

-PH: Why movies? What was it about film that had you jumping through fiery hoops to be a part of them initially?

-Caitlin: Growing up, I was always finding reasons to perform- dances with my sister, skits (also with my sister- she was always dragged into these), and creating characters to act out in front of my family. I thought it was so fun to become someone else and adopt their life for a bit, to understand more about other people. Film gives us the chance to step into someone else’s life, if only for a short time, and leaves us with a greater understanding of human nature and people that may be so unlike us. My passion for acting and film only grew throughout college, and I knew I had to pursue this lifelong dream of mine while I still could!

-PH: Did you find it relatively easy to break in?

-Caitlin: Absolutely not! It’s true that you have to learn to be okay with rejection- because that is life in this industry most of the time. And I definitely still haven’t “made it”—there’s a long way to go and still many more rejections to be had! But if it were easy- it wouldn’t be as rewarding when you do finally get something you’ve worked so hard for… like this movie!

-PH: You have to have a thick skin, if you’re working in the business, I imagine. How do you handle the ups, downs, rejections and disparagement that the game brings?

-Caitlin: Yes, definitely. It’s helpful to surround yourself with people who are also going through this, so you can talk successes and failures with people who really understand. You eventually learn that this is part of pursuing this dream, and any rejection is a chance to learn and improve.

-PH: You clearly like to be involved in all facets of filmmaking – since you produce your own projects, too – is that why you prefer to get involved in indie projects?

-Caitlin: Yes, I love all parts of filmmaking. I definitely think indie projects have a lot to bring to the table, and often allow for more creativity and collaboration. Working with a small budget brings everyone closer together, because you’re basically with these people in close quarters all the time. Also, in this case, everyone wore multiple hats throughout the filmmaking process, so there’s a lot of opportunity for learning and developing skills you didn’t even know you had. It’s wonderful.

-PH: Do you feel it’s a little unfair that the big award shows don’t recognize independent films more?

-Caitlin: Yes!! It’s hard though, because there are so many independent films being made all the time- so there needs to be a better way for us to get more exposure. But yes- there should be more outreach and effort by the big award shows to find even the smallest films that are beautifully made- because a lot can be done on a tiny budget—as we have shown with The Cabin!

-PH: Even the major press shies away from indie films. Has it become less about what the readers might want to read about and more about who will keep them in business?

-Caitlin: I think you hit the nail on the head. They have to keep their viewership alive, and the way they do that is with the blockbusters and celebrities, because that will get them more clicks. If we can find a way to make indie filmmaking more captivating—create a more “blockbuster” feel around some of these amazing films, that would solve much of the problem, in my opinion. We need people to care about these smaller films and the stories they tell— because they have so much to offer!

-PH: For those that think they’ve seen it all when it comes to scary movies, how would you sell them on The Cabin?

-Caitlin: You haven’t seen it all, trust me!! It’s funny because a lot of people watch the trailer and are like, “ Oh, I know exactly how this will end”. But I assure you, you don’t. This film has twists and turns you don’t expect, and if anything- watch for the amazing cinematography (shout-out to our incredible DP, Charlie Doan!) and the power of a great team in making such a great movie on a small budget. You won’t be sorry!

THE CABIN is now on DVD and VOD

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