Horror Headlines

Here are some of today’s horror headlines…

HBO’s Latest Horror Anthology Folklore Premieres in February (ComingSoon.net)

2019 Razzies are Lite on Horror (And That’s a Good Thing) (Dread Central)

More Unused Concept Art from THE PREDATOR Reveals Another Human Hybrid (Dread Central)

Here’s Why San Francisco Bay Area Horror Fans Should Be Excited for THE EDWARDIAN BALL This Weekend (Dread Central)

E.T.K. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL KRUEGER is the Best Faux Trailer Mashup Ever! (Dread Central)

Fangoria Resurrects the Chainsaw Awards and Dread Central Presents’ TERRIFIER Snagged Three Nominations! (Dread Central)

Kentucky Goblins Documentary Series “Hellier” is Free to Watch and the First Episode Will Hook You (Bloody Disgusting)

Upcoming Book ‘Night of the Living Dead 1990: The Unseen Version’ Will Present Tom Savini’s Original Vision (Bloody Disgusting)

Trailer for Gay Giallo ‘Knife+Heart’ Leaves a Bloody Mess [Exclusive] (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Darkness Visible’ Trailer Marked By Evil [Exclusive] (Bloody Disgusting)

A Disease Causes Madness in ‘The Line Between,’ a New Novel Already Being Turned into TV Series (Bloody Disgusting)

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