The FINAL Walker Stalker Cruise!

Even More Amazing Stars

Norman Reedus will unfortunately not be setting sail with us on the final Walker Stalker Cruise due to filming obligations. We are thrilled to welcome Melissa McBride (Carol), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori), Cailey Fleming (Judith) and frequent guest on The Talking Dead, Yvette Nicole Brown.


Music and Live Podcasts

Rounding out our musical entertainment are Ken Block & Drew Copeland from Sister Hazel and Cleveland’s Breakfast Club.

Dave Schrader brings his paranormal radio show, Beyond the Darkness to Walker Stalker Cruise. You just might find the hairs on the back of your neck standing up if you attend his live podcast!

Don’t miss your LAST CHANCE to set sail on the Walker Stalker Cruise! Book your cabin today to meet your favorite stars, enjoy live panels, autograph and photo sessions, wild activities and so much more all while sailing on a luxury cruise ship from Tampa to Nassau!


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