Theatrical Horror Project Headed to the American Film Market

The Triad: A new breed of horror. Film makers plan to create a new kind of horror film; a western/mod flick.

WestWill CES. releases its intention of making a new horror film, and the most violent western you’ve ever seen.

When a band of outlaws take over a small, western town, most of them have heard of The Triad, but think them myths, legends, and wives’ tales told to children. Only their leader, Deadeye Campbell, knows how blood-thirsty the Vengarse angels can be. Unbeknownst to her gang, she has come back to Agnes Nous Avec to challenge The Triad, and by doing so, has delivered her friends into a fate worse than death.

The film’s stars are The Enigma, Marcus the Creature, and Human Paradox, known world-wide for their body modification art form, and Maria Olsen (American Horror Story, Lords of Salem). The film will be shot in Louisiana.

The two film makers are Jett Westmoreland and Doug, A Williams.
The film will mix the thrills of modern horror with classic western elements.

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