The Nightstalker Case: Found Footage


All begins with the discovery of the corpse of a young man in the city of Natural City. Sergeant Patrick Matennen arrives first at the scene of the crime. He picks up a camera near the body. He decides to watch everything that the camera has recorded in order to understand what happened. Michel Garsou buys an action-camera and is witnessing a strange murder. The latter contacts one of his friends who has been investigating for some time the mysterious appearance of a nocturnal protector in their hometown. They will exploit all possible tracks to find information. From there, events follow each other quickly. Michel finds himself in spite of himself dragged into this dangerous investigation.

An original idea from Steve Fabry
Based on a character created by Steve Fabry
Written by Steve Fabry, Michel Garsou, Kenny Vrancken and Ludovic Englebert Directed by Steve Fabry and Michel Garsou
Produced by Wormholedeath and Carlo Bellotti

Around the Nightstalker

The story of the movie : « The Nightstalker case : found footage » begin with the music band : Sercati, created in 2009 under Wormholedeath records. The band is composed by Steve Fabry – Yannick Martin and Simon Charlier. In their lyrics, the band tells the story of the Nightstalker.

An angel who decided to descent on Earth to help Mankind. It will have to face disappointments and discoveries but also to find its niche in the middle of the men, to understand them and understand itself. He discovers the share of kindness in them but also the suffering as much feels. The angel feels that as a deep imbalance in the balance of the good and the evil. This awakening pushes it to help humanity in her search of balance.

The band tells the story in 3 LP and 1 EP for now.

But the main character takes another dimension when Steve started to write a book about him. « Le journal du Nighstalker » (released 9 september 2017 under Le monde des étoiles éditions). Because in the band, he can’t tell the whole story. There is too much too explain.

They begun with a first short movie called « Poisoned hunting »
After that a first clip was made for the promotion of the EP of Sercati : In the shadows of sidewalks.
The clip « The Anesthetist » was a good experience and give some motivation to try some new

stuff. And then another video with the Nightstalker and a toy box was created.
The universe of the Nightstalker is spreading on different kind of media : Music – book – video.


Screen play : Michel Garsou
Audio and video editor : Steve Fabry
Director : Steve Fabry and Michel Garsou
Script : Steve Fabry, Michel Garsou, Kenny Vrancken and Ludovic Englebert Make-up : Catherine Wilket and Nicolas Gobron
Subtitles : Yannick Martin
Original soundtrack : Sercati – The Nightstalker – Hezaliel

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