In 1982, Heather O’Rourke was introduced to the world as “Carol Anne” in the classic horror film “Poltergeist”. Immediately, her talent was looked upon for television and movie roles. Within a short period of time, she became one of the most beloved young actresses in the history of film. You can visit the “About Heather” page to read a brief history about her career and life. It is the life of an extraordinary child, who will forever remain in the hearts of her fans around the world.

Our mission is to pay tribute to Heather by encouraging individuals and families to help our National Forests. Our forests are in danger, as are the wildlife that inhabit them. Damage from storms, fire and man made elements have caused the beauty of our forests to suffer. While the beauty of nature can be preserved with your help, Heather’s life and wonderful talent in film can be remembered.

Helping – How You Can Honor Heather

You can honor Heather’s memory simply by making a donation or by planting a tree in a forest. Each agency on her site has agreed to honor her memory themselves by participating in her conservation. Visit and on the “Agency Links” page, sites are linked and are self explanatory on how to do one of your choosing. While filling out an order form, simply add Heather’s name to where it is required. Donors may receive a packet with information about their tree if they choose to receive one. **You may also choose to follow Heather’s conservation twitter page @heather_forest then share a kind word to pay tribute.

To learn more about Heather’s life and career, visit Heather’s memorial website…

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