Interview with “Between the Trees” Actor Jonny Lee

Actor Jonny Lee, whose credits include Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse and the critically-acclaimed Monk, tells us about his latest fright-flick “Between the Trees,” which releases through Uncork’d Entertainment in March.

-PH: First of all, Dollhouse. What a show! How was it to work on?

-Jonny: Dollhouse was great. Eliza Dushku could not have been nicer and Joss Whedon was so kind and tolerant as a director. 

-PH: Fan of Whedon?

-Jonny: I wasn’t not a fan necessarily but that said I was very aware of his work and had friends who had worked with him before. Everyone said how laid back and professional he was to work with and they couldn’t have been more correct. 

-PH: You’ve done some great TV – any favorite genre to work in?

-Jonny: I have been lucky enough to do some great TV work. Seems most of it turns out to be drama or one hour episodic work I suppose. Honestly I don’t prefer any genre over the other. I’m just grateful to get auditions, prepare the work over and over, then hopefully get the job.

-PH: What’s the difference between working in TV and working on a film?

-Jonny: The films I have done have been independent productions so they are definitely more forgiving.  The television work I have done leans more big network productions so the pace is much, much quicker and much less forgiving which can also be very rewarding. Different animals and I love them both. 

-PH: How did you get involved in Brad Douglas’s new film Between the Trees?

-Jonny: After meeting Brad and discussing the script with him I was on board. It is hard to say no to Brad Douglas. 

-PH: How much of you is in the character?

-Jonny: I tried to bring some of myself to the character but I wouldn’t say relatable. If I said relatable then I as Jonny would be a drunk, home wrecking asshole. No judgement to those who relate though. 

-PH: How did Brad manage to make this film so grounded yet so frightening?

-Jonny: I think Brad achieved that balance by giving the actors full discretion to change the script. We would sit down every morning and go over the scenes we were shooting that day.  We would all throw ideas around and just sort of hash it out to better fit who we thought are characters were. That trust from Brad was huge and really helped me. 

-PH: Seen it yet?

-Jonny: Yes. We did a screening in Beverly Hills and it was packed. I think the crowd loved it. Very positive. 

-PH: Anyone you didn’t expect to like it that did?

-Jonny: Not really any fans I didn’t expect. I am excited for more people to see it.  I honestly feel there is a large fanbase for this type of film. 

-PH: Keen to work with Brad again?

-Jonny: Brad is a very talented director. He will no doubt continue to work and I hope he hitches up my wagon again along the way…so yeah. 

-PH: What’s next for you?

-Jonny: As well as acting, my writing partner and I have a couple of projects that are developing. We just optioned a feature film with Breath Of Life Productions and have an episodic pilot being pitched with Legion Of Creatives here in Los Angeles.

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