McBetter: Best Feature Film at Skulle Awards

McBetter has won a Skulle Award for Best Feature Film:

In the USA and Canada, the movie will be released in DVD in March 2019 by BayView Entertainment, with a new title: McBetter: Fast Food Has a New King.

McBetter deliciously blends horror with comedy and suspense in order to create an entertaining witch’s brew. Indie Horror Online. Joe McBetter is the elderly owner of a profitable fast food chain. Malcolm, his future son-in-law, is a humble university researcher with initially noble intentions. During a surprise visit by daughter Melanie and Malcolm to the McBetter villa, Malcolm suggests an idea that will renew the fast food business, but Joe has no confidence in the outlandish plan. Melanie, upset by the constant berating from her father, encourages Malcolm to carry on with his vision, even at the potential cost of eliminating Joe. The intrigue, mystery, and horror mount within the luxurious walls of the villa as everyone becomes ensnared in the evil plot that unfolds. Take Shakespeare’s MacBeth, combine with The Sopranos, add a dash of giallo-inspired horror, and you end up with a killer recipe known as McBetter. Bonus features: trailer, behind the scenes photo gallery, music video, alternate title sequence, and two short films by Mattia de Pascali.

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