Horror Headlines

Here are some of today’s horror headlines…

Old-School Poster for Western Horror SPIRIT RECKONING Seeks Justice from Beyond the Grave (Dread Central)

From Inception to the MonsterVerse: Video Explores Complete History of Rodan (Dread Central)

The Year of the King: CASTLE ROCK Takes Home WGA Award (Dread Central)

Badass Women Kick Each Other’s Asses in ‘Kiss Kiss’ [Exclusive Trailer] (Bloody Disgusting)

Trailer for Slasher ‘Cry Havoc’, Sequel to ‘Playing with Dolls: Havoc’ [Exclusive] (Bloody Disgusting)

The Titans Rise and Do Battle in Epic New ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ TV Spot (Bloody Disgusting)

Trailer for ‘Boo!’ Leaves a Curse on the Doorstep [Video] (Bloody Disgusting)

A Horror Icon Returns Later This Year in New ‘Ring’ Film ‘Sadako’ and We’ve Got the Teaser and Poster (Bloody Disgusting)

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