Neither Have A Clue Of The True Horror About To Descend…

As a young teenager, running away after her mother died and never returning home, Jennifer Rollins’ fear of forfeiting her mind to the schizophrenia that took her mother has followed Jennifer throughout her life. Jennifer got some lucky breaks. She became a popular model, but her fears, and lifestyle in the fast lane finally take their toll. While Jennifer is recovering she receives news of her father’s brutal murder and comes home. Jennifer’s true nightmare begins. As she reconnects with old friends and her beau from high school, Jennifer sees horrific images, hears terrifying things and is sure her worst fears are now manifesting. While grappling with her sanity, Jennifer is convinced the killer is coming for her after, hidden away in the attic of her childhood home, she discovers a connection to the murders from the distant past. When she takes it to the police, knowing her much publicized history they dismiss her. As the police believe they are closing in on the maniac, and Jennifer wrestles with her demons, neither have a clue of the true horror about to descend.

“Wow, that was awesome. Great read with a warm blanket.”

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The “whodunit” facet of Legacy helps reshape the brutal visage of Red Riding Hood into the modern day. Lacing throughout this vicious mystery are secrets, a sense of duty, and the spice of betrayal demanding sacrifice and change.

The life of unsuspecting pregnant workaholic and afraid to fail Rebecca “Rose” Healy starts to unravel ferociously when unknown creatures savagely murder two friends. Rose’s life completely derails as she accidentally witnesses her father killed by a werewolf that has set a trap for him and his team, and she loses her baby. The family secret of werewolf hunting kept from her on the wishes of her dead mother is now out.

With many bloody clues left behind the authorities hone in on Rose, her aunt and the butler. The hunters have become the hunted. Rose’s aunt suspects a werewolf has infiltrated their ranks. Rose’s strong-willed aunt uses her sense of duty, family obligation and Rose’s fear of failure and disappointment to manipulate Rose into the family business. While Rose vigorously trains, and the family desperately try to identify the spy authorities grow more suspicious of their involvement in the gruesome murders.

As authorities close in, the family finds evidence against someone close to them and the final battle reveals a betrayal and the darkest secret of all forcing a gut wrenching choice.

If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be without a shadow of a doubt, “shuddering”. Johnson knows how to keep you awake. Playing with dialogues, he makes you jump from one scene to another without giving you the option to stop, because… you don’t want to stop. An amazing bloody plot which speeds up your mind page after page. You watch as the characters find their own doom. A curse… perhaps a gift? Humour black as night, filled with sarcasm, the author tells you a story of friendship, deceiving and thirst for blood.”

“I can say I truly enjoyed this book. Was a little worried as I usually don’t read stories of werewolfs. I was surprised to find that once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down as I wanted to see how it would end. It was a great story and read like a mystery to me, which I love. The format is easy to read. The book kept me in suspense and wanting to read more. I truly hope that Marc Johnson will continue his writing.”

“If you enjoy werewolf stories. This book is for you. Red Riding Hood on steroids!!! Looking forward to his next book.”

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About Author Marc Johnson

Marc W. Johnson received his love of reading, movies, and all things horror and science fiction from his single mother, an avid reader and fan of both genres. Marc began writing early in high school, but life intervened and he had to break away from it for many, many years. Marc reconnected with his desire after his mother died when he found she had kept many of his short stories in a box in the garage, although they were stained and torn the writing bug had bitten him once again. Marc’s love for horror and movies prompted him into screenplay writing, and over the next few years became good enough to enter a short screenplay contest: won it and sold it. This validation spurred him on to attempt a bigger challenge, a full feature screenplay. While writing the screenplay, and working on another, Marc continued writing short stories and poetry which led to his first publication “A Collection of Dark Short Stories and Poetry.” Marc published his second book LEGACY, and is continuing to write.

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