Welcome To The Silent Red Room, Where Your Imagination Is Only A Bitcoin Away…

When Dale uses a dating app to get over his ex, he connects with Marla, a beautiful eccentric. All is well and good…until they meet in person. 

Meanwhile, Jessica, a troubled teen, takes to surfing the darknet to fulfill her ever-growing curiosity. Within its labyrinthine vastness, she discovers Father Paul, a sinister figure who uses creative methods of torture to please his rich audience. Her dreams of meeting her hero soon come true, but not in the way she hoped.

Will Dale and Jessica survive when they’re pulled into the cyber mass known as the darknet? Or are they already lost to The Silent Red Room, a horrific place amongst the darknet’s web of horrors?

The Silent Red Room, making the underbelly of the internet a better place, one missing person at a time.

“This is the first time I have read anything by K.T. Rose and I have to say Netted: The Beginning really creeped me out! Rose has penned a darkly disturbing and oftentimes grotesque story perfect for horror/thriller fans. I would like to point out that Rose definitely gives new meaning to internet dating and all of the horrors that can be associated with it.”

“Wow, from the start, I was hooked on this story. It is gruesome and deals with human trafficking and worse! I was really upset over the subject but the dark web is real and it is a really bad place with many of the discussed happenings going on. This is a great read and will keep you turning the pages.”

“I liked the plot, the characters and the development of the events and their interactions. The darknet was a place I would never want to be but I admire the author for the image and the strength of the characters to deal with it. I recommend the book to fans of suspense and fast-paced action.”

“I really enjoyed this book. Really good plot to the story. Very well written. Would highly recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of stories. Can’t wait to read more from this author. Fast paced to the end.”

“If you are a fan of the dark and the grotesque then you will definitely enjoy Netted: The Beginning. It is a short story perfect for an evening when you are home all alone, but just know if you frighten easily, you may want to sleep with the lights on!”

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When suspicion meets desperation, the inner demons of desperate souls ignite. Trev, Natalie, and Phil embark on violent journeys filled with rage, deception, and horrifying acts that can either make them or destroy their ‘perfect’ worlds. Do they have what it takes to piece things back together or will their worlds continue to spiral out of control?

“These short stories were brutally honest and showed dark secrets that people can have. From addiction to mental illness and beyond. You’ll discover what some people are capable of when heartbroken. These stories definitely had me on the edge the whole time. Extremely disturbing but, the stories can really happen. I enjoyed it.”

“This is my kind of read, dark and intriguing, which kept me on the brink of my seat. It’s a well-written collection of short stories where the multifaceted characters are mutually dependent, drawing you into their world of compulsion, betrayal, manipulation, envy, murder, deceit, hate, lust, sex, and revenge. Each narrative is suspenseful and gripping and illustrates the extent people will go to get what they want. Every tale builds up to a closing moment that will leave you breathless with some relevant messages: your actions have consequences, and you reap what you sow.”

“I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading these grisly, dark tales! It was like being inside the mind of a twisted, silent killer! The way the author writes these tales is deliciously divine!!!”

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About Author K.T. Rose

K. T. Rose is a horror, thriller, and dark fiction writer from Detroit, Michigan. She posts suspense and horror flash fiction on her blog at and is the author of a gruesome, suspenseful short story series titled A Trinity of Wicked Tales, an erotic thriller novel titled When We Swing and a horror technothriller series titled Netted.

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