Fear Flicks a Free Movie Streaming Service Comes to ROKU

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have just launched Fear Flicks a new FREE streaming movie channel on ROKU. Now you can watch tons of Killer movies in the Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller Genre along with Comedies, Documentaries, Music Videos and More and all for FREE. Other categories include Cult Films, Classic Movies and VHS. To add the channel to your ROKU Lineup just go to:


SGL Entertainment is one of the largest distributors of Independent movies and Cult Classic Films. So, now you can watch some of the finest movies from our catalog FREE with Ads, just like Network Television. Some of our films include: A Boy and His Dog Starring Don Johnson, Squirm, Bad Taste, Suspiria, Dial M For Murder, Phenomena, Alice Sweet Alice, Blood Feast, Apocalypse Kiss, Frankenstein Day of the Beast, Jezebeth, Spaceship Terror and Many More!!! All Uncut and Unrated!!!

The Fear Flicks Channel is part of our New Network of ROKU Channels, including The Killer Movie Channel, The SGL Entertainment Channel and the Dark Star Records Channel. For More Info go to:


Go to the ROKU Store and Add the Fear Flicks Channel:


For More Info on SGL Entertainment Go To:



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